15 August 2011

Channeler:  El Anora

The path of the white lotus is being offered to some of you now, this is an ancient indian tradition that was established a long time ago, and if you decide you wish to accept it, certain ideas and teachings will come to you. Understand that this path is simply one of many paths available to you now, and that not everyone is receiving the same information, so it is okay to follow your in this, and not to jump onto anything simply because you think you agree with its ideas, your knows what you need, rather than following your mind.

The path of the White Lotus:

The white lotus is the flower of creation,
it is in and substance,
it is the unfolding of the energies within you,
it is the innocence of the Child.

The White lotus blooms in summer,
but it never wilts,
for it is pure and unique,
fragrant and knowing,
kind and serene.

The path of the white lotus is calm,
it is like a gentle flowing oceans,
a calm breeze on a warm day,
a gentle moment,
a precious tender act,
compassion, with no cruelty,
peace with no form of animosity.

The path of the white lotus is pure,
and the purity comes from within,
and through pureness and love,
innocence and healing,
we walk without boundaries,
free from our own self-doubt,
and ego based assumptions.

Some will take the path of the Red Rose,
some will take the path of the blue,
but some will take the path of the white,
clarity, and Truth.

It does not matter what path you take,
be gentle with yourself,
what is being offered to you is Love,
and its up to you,
we simply help.

I am Kuan Yin,
and The Bottisatvas have returned,
to help you in this time,
and if you feel in your heart,
that the path of the White Lotus,
is for you,
I will guide you through it.

Namaste. Joyous peace eternal.

In the silence, may you find peace,
In the serenity, may you find joy,
In non-action, may you find beingness.