9 August 2011

It is becoming quite apparent(transparent)that many are starting off with telling us that we are feeling fearful or depressed or that we will be rescued by some unnamed powerful source or secret caretakers are planning our future here for us. I couldn't disagree more-not on this forum. I am sensing a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and . An eagerness for the awesome changes that are taking place within us, our and for our . Every time I feel I have a new insight or feel another heart shockwave I feel like I am on a surfboard riding this great wave of liquid light. And then all of a sudden I notice a fellow lightworker by my side and they are zipping along not only with their feet planted solidly on their surfboard but they are hanging ten and laughing with outrageous delight. This is not to say we are not clearing, discerning, and growing into our fullness, but we are able to see the outcome while still engaged with the process of getting there.

Quite some time back some original works on the came out that at the time were fresh and innovative. However, even at that time they referred to themselves as our "Gods". This was one of the things that got me to thinking the term "god" was being way overused all over this planet. I actually enjoy the term but switched to or Creative source to acknowledge where the infinite being that I am issued forth from. While some other races may have had a hand in planning with Gaia the experience on this planet, they may have also played a role in snipping our DNA down to two strands. To what end? It is the that manifested the dream of the "human in his image" that contains all the source codes for the entire universe within us. The catch is that you have to incarnate as a human to really own this. In order to do that in this game here we had to choose to descend into a that didn't acknowledge the truth of our being. During this process we have been laughed at, ridiculed, tortured, vilified and programmed. Now there are groups of beings that didn't have the courage to undergo this process. Instead they chose to come in spacecraft and find ways to manipulate the human state in such a way as to harvest our while literally keeping us in the dark. It is said that Jehovah was actually a Pleiadian warlord. Not that all that all have this intent–the mayan calendar is a good example of that. Salusa is a Sirian. These races consider themselves to be our parents, yet like many parents have a difficult time letting go and letting God's divine plan work out. It is the same with the Luciferian rebellion. As we were raised up (in potential) to the level of the Archangels and beyond these Fallen couldn't quite handle that. Yet even they wouldn't descend into 3rd density because they knew themselves they would get stuck here for a long time and would have to play the game as it was set up–to forget who you were and thru experience recover that essence. They instead chose with others to manipulate and control from fouth density. I have to tell you that one of my pet peeves(if i still have any–ha ha) is the channels that from a perspective of superiority constantly remind us of mans inhumanity to man. This is of course from the very races that snipped our DNA to two strands and cut off our direct conscious connection to Source and manipulated us to play out their games.

The Antidote The Vaccine

Thats us of course. The very universe has literally been stuck because the differing timelines created by "lessor gods" have been used to set themselves up as the Creator. As much as they would like we are not their puppets any longer. Regardless of whether we consider ourselves starbeings, devic, or whatever origin, since you had the courage and fortitude to incarnate as a human– that will always be a part of you and you will have eternal access to all the source codes in this universe when you graduate. We will have built in all the energetic and dynamic passions and adventurism that the human is known for and will be renowned for. Of course this is all in perfect divine timing and co-ordinates with cosmic cycles. Not the least of which is our symbiotic relationship with the Goddess and sentient being of this planet our beloved Gaia. I truly know that this is the time that the meek shall inherit the earth. Thats us the Human -the Agarthans as well. It means we get clear title so to speak, an acknowledgement from offworld races to respect that. And as we take our places on the councils in the heavens we will be looking eye to eye. That does not mean we are finished with our learning, that will go on forever, but we will have risen, like the dawning sun on the horizon–one this time that will never set. We are becoming Love Incarnate. We are the Divine Plan made manifest.

I Love You All


Kazar Michael