Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. Here is our first question:

“I would appreciate that You could help me about to change my way of living. I want to reach others’ and cure/heal them, and I don’t know how to do it and if I should walk in that direction. I believe that I have so much to give from my and go with it to cure/heal with the accomplishment/assistance of superior beings. Is that my destiny, my fate? Please help me to reach the way to Light.”

SaLuSa: One can only help others when one can help oneself, dear friend. Your intentions are very pure and loving indeed. You ask this question because you wish to move to the next stage. First of all your must be clean and pure. By that we mean avoid ingesting and being exposed to toxins, which is an achievement by itself in the current life style set up.

In our recent communications through , we have recently talked about cutting down on cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. This is a helpful step. Of course the quality of and water available matters also. The other important thing to be aware of is about electro-magnetic fields that surrounds you, almost anywhere on your planet. I understand that most of the outside circumstances are outside of your control. These affect your brain in a surprisingly strong way and they also affect your sleeping patterns and your rest. We are also concerned at the high level of physical inactivity your society imposes on most of you.

You are developing in a way ignoring your body’s needs for exercise and movement. I am sure you can remember how much you enjoyed running around as a child. Equally in the summer months many of you enjoy gardening, walking, and physical activities in general. This physical activity helps unblock tensions and stress from your life. It also puts a dampening field around your emotional issues. Your strong bodies were designed for strong physical work, and we do encourage you to find inner balance by using your body more than you usually would, particularly at this time.

The next important thing, after making sure your physical body has optimal living conditions is to look after your own well being. Your emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as your relationships with those around you are important. Make peace with all those around you, and most importantly make inner peace with your self. Come to a point of acceptance of what is, including acceptance of oneself.

Know thyself is the key here. Understand yourself on multiple levels; understand your own multiple facets, personalities and voices. See how your inner state varies and how your emotions fluctuate throughout the day. Keep yourself aligned with and with the cosmic forces. Be aware of who you are by keeping grounded at all times.

That is the first step towards inner freedom and balance. Observe what happens; sense your tensions in your limbs, in your back. Bring your attention to your body and you will see and feel others needs progressively. Be aware of the world around you, while being anchored in your body. Be aware of the breath of life flowing in and out of you. This will bring you into a place of far better understand of yourself and of all those around you at the same time.

You will find that very often all others need, is love. They also need somebody who can listen to them by being present in the moment. You will find that perhaps Mother Earth will also answer to your presence and be healed by you. Of course, dear friend, you will have to feel love for your own self first and accept what you see around you. As we are all part of the One, what you feel and do, will affect all others, dear friend.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. The second question is:

I consciously began my awakening in 07, for the next year I received so many downloads it was overwhelming. During that time I discovered I ever thought was truth, was in fact a lie. All in the universe, myself, others..flew out the window. How does one ? When you finally KNOW everything really is false, how does one the process of ascension, when you discover you were wrong about everything that came before it? “

SaLuSa: You must unlearn what you have learnt, may make sense to you. You are being indoctrinated and have been fed untruths, unknowingly since you take your first breath on your planet. Previous generations mistakes, generate karma issues, limitations are past on to any new born. Many Lies are being repeated automatically by many people unconsciously. Previous emotional and intellectual learnt patterns are being imposed on children and on all of you.

This is why we encourage you to research all for yourself, until you are satisfied with your whole being that you have reached a certain level of truthfulness concerning a subject. We always encourage you to question yourself as well. Question the voice telling you not to pay any attention to what you neighbour is saying. Question the voice giving you ready made answers, quickly coming up automatically. Ask: “Who says that?” and see what happens. Do you believe your thoughts and your ideas belong to you, come from you? Where do they come from?

It may help to question, mainly internally, anybody who tries to; so to speak, sell you a thought, an attitude, an emotion. And also question why does someone say something and who did he hear it from? You need to calmly process any new incoming information. You are all being bombarded and stimulated by so many things from the outside world. You are being bombarded by news, by advertisements, by friends, by the internet. Make time for your self and try not to allow your integrity being interfered with by the outside all the time. Let the seed of your inner light shine on you and on all those around you.

Your interactions with others pull you in all directions. You lose yourself sometimes in conversations, in emotional downwards spirals. Come back to who you are, come back to why you are here, come back to the bigger picture and let go of others repeated behavioural learnt patterns. Only the Here and Now moment matters, dear one.

When you feel lost, fear, angry, confused, just stop. Find your space, make inner space for yourself. Come back to the sensation of your back, to the life energies flowing up and down your spine, in your muscles. Feel your weight on Mother Earth, feel the air on your face and penetrating your body. Feel your osmosis with the air, feel the energy exchanges with all that surrounds you, feel the gift of love all around you. Can you feel that? Can you sense that? That is real. Ask yourself and your guides what is your place in all of that? What is your place in the Universe?

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you my loving light. You are awakening at a rapid pace, dear ones. My role through this channel is mainly to help you at this awakening stage. Please do remember that everything you do, think, and feel, will eventually come back full circle in your direction. So, please be kind to other, express your gratitude and let go of old stiff ways at this stage. Be light, be Joy.

Thank you, SaLuSa



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