Thursday, 4 August 2011  

Laura:Good evening SaLuSa, this is one question from a reader:

"Could you ask SaLuSa what happens when people decide to disembody voluntarily?  Can these souls ascend as well?: 

SaLuSa: Good evening to you all dear friends. I wish to make sure that under no circumstances do we, or any respected spiritual teaching recommend such procedures as voluntary termination of one’s life. We do not recommend any such thing, for you as part of your planet and as part of humanity.

All life and life giving beings are respected and loved by the Higher Council of the Light. Life is a precious gift.


The path to is difficult ordinarily to say the least; it is particularly difficult on planet Earth, as your planet lies under much unusual circumstances for a hundred centuries, since the in particular. On other worlds, some races are born ascended. This occurs on a little number of planets, and of course on planets already ascended.


On your beloved planet Earth, ascension is hard work as you often say. It is based on hard work in order to bring about a higher for you. It often involves conscious and continuous efforts on your part, as well as voluntary efforts, often involving sacrifices and useful suffering in order to raise your consciousness. Souls do have to suffer in order to learn sometimes dear ones.


There is absolutely no possibility for anybody to avoid the laws of karma and attraction. You dear souls are on your planet in order to grow, to learn through experience, but also in order to clear karma. You will attract to you the situations needed in order to further your knowledge, your being, and your development. You will attract the relevant needed people and situations to you, repeatedly, until your lessons have been understood. Whether on or on another tri-dimensional planet these laws will have to be respected.


Acting the way suggested in the question, would only inevitably bring more karma, and more experiencing of the same nature, until the lesson has been learnt by you. I am afraid that when it comes to laws such as karma, there is simply no escape. We have spoken previously of a small amount of karma grace in order for Ascension to take place; however this applies only when a negligible amount of karma remains. Rest assured that the higher hierarchy would have to be convinced beyond doubt that your lives lessons have been understood in order for you to ascend. What you suggest in your question creates more karma, and I am afraid it will not be permitted for Ascension to take place under such circumstances, for anybody. No exceptions are made to this rule ever.


Dear friends we do look so much forward to be with you all and to guide you through the spiritual ahead regarding ascension.


Laura:Thank you for a very interesting reply SaLuSa. Another question: “lining up chakras, can this be done if atlas and axis, C1,C2 are not sitting on top of the spine properly?”


SaLuSa: In order for me to help you understand better what I mean, it is important that you understand that is it really a question of levels and spiritual evolution involved here. Ideally, your development should take place in a harmonious way, this means that body, and emotions, being and understanding should develop equally in order to have a balanced being, whose normal course of evolution is Ascension.


So in this respect, yes, it is important that the flow within your spine be fluid and continuous. More importantly, for someone who has damage on their spine, conscious awareness of your spine is the key. At times, alternative therapies may be able to help. We are aware of the difficulties with your health system, and we do know that sometimes, your doctors cause more problems than they can resolve when it comes to the spine.


To answer your question, I shall just say that the body can obey the mind and the higher bodies up to a certain point. Blockages on the spine level are often difficult to resolve. Most of them are caused by accidents, and by poorly looking after your bodies. Your spine is a different type of brain, but a brain, nevertheless. It links your body to your emotional centre and to your brain, as well as to your higher self. If the energies within your spine do not circulate freely, because of muscular tension, accidents, stress, or posture, then it is very difficult for you to work.


However you can ask for help from your guides and guardian angels, or from us. All beings of light are more than happy to provide love and support for those asking for help. We can only intervene when you request our help and when the dark forces are interfering with you.


I do understand when somebody’s spiritual progress is held back because of a physical condition. Dear one, given the limited amount of actions we can take from behind the curtain, it is sometimes better that we do not intervene at all on your bodies. Sometimes, your higher self does not allow us to help you, because of your previous life contract and arrangement. We are obligated to respect your life contract, which we do have full access to. For some people, we will only be able to intervene after Disclosure and First Contact dear friend if we are asked by them to do so.


We ask you to be patient if this is the case for you and to relax. Avoid confrontations, and frustrations. We do not ask you to constantly suffer in silence; we understand you have to speak your emotions from time to time. We do ask that when you are addressing a problem, you do so once you are back into your caring and balanced state. Please accept that many among you come from different planets, with a wide range of variety in cultures. What is acceptable for one space race may be entirely unforgivable for another. On Earth you had to learn to live with each other, and respect your space and differences. Stay away from people who do not resonate with you, stay away from confrontations and anger. These contribute to damaging your bodies and your spine. Take time out for yourself. Give yourself time and space to understand difficult situations and always try to see things from the opposite party before making a hash decision.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and advise you to make space at this time into your lives. Switch off your mobile phone, take hours away from your computer and spend time with those you truly love. Spend time with your favourite pet, spend time in nature. Let them heal you, embrace you and love you. Ponder on what troubles you, until you are satisfied you truly understand what is the matter. If it is not enough, then seek advice in trusted friends. Do not allow your heart to be in the shadow dear loved friends. We wish you all to lighten your burden, we wish you all to have a light heart at this time.


Thank you, SaLuSa.



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