6 August 2011  

Laura Tyco   

Laura: Good evening . Nice to be connected with you. Here is the firstquestion: “You might ask how we can transmute the karma, uplift, make it easier. I guess the question is if I think I'm doing karma because sometimes times R tough, how to work through it the easiest, most effective, to do what needs to be done before , and how to figure out what it is I'm supposed to do, what's the lesson, make it right, etc?  Sorry, not one of  my better-thought-out paragraphs, but maybe you know what I mean?  How to figure out what to do and how to do whatever it is the best/easiest way to make progress, be a good ?  I mean, I'd say I AM a good but if I'm good, why is it tough sometimes, and why can't I use Law of Attraction to create it so it's not so tough?  (It's not for lack of trying to monitor/uplift thinking…)
SaLuSa: Good evening. This is a fascinating question, and again discovering the for yourself has far more value than me giving you a direct . This question has several layers and aspects. Because of the setting here, I will have to cut my reply somewhat short. Shall we just say that aiming to resolve karma directly; facing it straight is often not a good approach.
Your past lives memories are blocked from resurfacing, so you can not address karma directly for the most part anyway.

One has to sense one&;s way through it, to listen to your inner voice and to be present in your life. Of course there is always the possibility of asking for help to your , your guides, your higher self and to beings of light such as angels and archangels.
Karma can carry on for many lives and torture one’s mind and heart for many years in one life. It will invariably come back to you, until it is resolved. Your intuition will make you feel things about karmic issues. However, karma can not be fully disclosed to you consciously most of the time.

Dealing with karma is like swimming in dark, cold waters. There is a lot of fear, and emotional issues. We do not recommend that you try to manipulate situations in order to force karma to be resolved. You can not control these things. Karma cannot be resolved before things are set into place to do so. Most of the time, you are resolving karma without even knowing about it. The reason for that being the very heavy emotional or traumatic content sometimes involved. Knowing exact circumstances would most of the time bring you back the same route as previously, and emotions would interfere with the actual reparation and redemption.
In most cases if one tries consciously to go about “fixing” karma, one would only make things worse. Not knowing exactly is a blessing and a chance for a new start. If all of you remembered your karma from past lives, before you are ready, there would be a permanent state of war and chaos on Earth. The spiritual hierarchy does put you on the right track for this life in order to deal with karma gradually. Usually karma with one person can take more than one life to be resolved and we are trying to make a constant progression through your life plans.
As far as we are concerned we also take part in helping our crew recover urgent karma in need of resolving at this time. We are in constant contact with your higher self and do answer such calls for help also from behind the scenes. We do help you uncover memories during your sleep and do bring issues to the surface if such is your higher self request. Although your conscious brain is only occasionally aware of your higher self, we do communicate with your higher self. Your higher self resides in the higher planes ordinarily, as do we. Your higher self also guides you and knows exactly what is best for you. It is difficult for you, in your ordinary state to listen to your higher self. If you are truly worried about karmic issues, we do encourage you to listen to your higher self and to be present in your life.
Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. I believe you wanted to say something today in addition to the questions set up.
SaLuSa: Be blessed. We are about to enter a critical phase for your planet. We are entering a period of acceleration and of intense energies. As some of you are beginning to awaken, you are about to face a closer look at reality. You will begin to experience being in several places simultaneously for short periods of time. You will begin to be present on many levels at the same time. We will become fully aware of what living in duality truly means.
With this, you will receive many visions of higher realms simultaneously. Our presence will become evident to your consciousness, while others will still be, at least, partially asleep. You will be able to hear us and see us in our higher dimensions through your higher self, while at the same time you will have to carry on your normal life for the sake of your loved ones.
We wanted to reassure that this is a normal stage of your awakening process. You will experience side effects such as dizziness, emotional distress, pain, joy, sometimes all at the same time. These effects are in connection with a flow of incoming memories, energies and consciousness rising. These memories will be rushing into your consciousness while you will be at work, with your friends and families or while you watch television for instance. It is important not to be alarmed by this and not to alarm others around you, who may not experience any of these effects at all.
What will help is to find time alone when possible in order to process all these new psychic abilities you will discover. This can also be viewed as part of the natural ascension process. Do remember dear ones, that we are here to help you, therefore do not hesitate to call upon us, your brothers to help when you are scared or in pain. Let go of emotional baggage, cry it all out if it is needed. We are here to help you and support you through these difficult times, ahead for you all in many respects.
You are about to become a lot more sensitive and more aware of the higher realms, of us, of the bigger picture, of the consequences of your actions in the past, in the present and in the future. You will truly see yourselves as you are on this planet. We recommend you to be in a state of acceptance of what you will come to experience and eventually understand. Forgive hurts if possible and ask for forgiveness to God. This will have positive consequences and things will move inside of you. You will truly experience being in your heart and being peace and joy.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am looking forward to our reunion with all of you, dear brothers and sisters. Be of love and of light. We ask you that you walk through these days with as much consciousness as possible. This will make things proceed more swiftly. We are with you all, around you, one thin layer away from your touch. You are not alone, we are with you.

Thank you, SaLuSa

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