Laura: Good morning SaLuSa, this is the first question if you wish to comment on perhaps?”
“First of all it is a great pleasure to speak with you, SaLuSa.
I am working in the health area and I help many people, but I am feeling without purpose to continue on . Sincerely, I cannot see anymore the real purpose to stay here and “evolve”, facing so much and desolation. I cannot visualize once more why I used to help so many people so many times. Nowadays, for me, going ahead or stopping just now means absolutely the same thing. Would be better to stop at once? What is going wrong with me? It seems to me that I am tired, that I lost my purpose and the meaning to continue to live.”
SaLuSa: Dear friend, you have forgotten that in order to help others, you have to be able to help yourself first. In order to truly help other, one has to be balanced, so that one truly has something to give. Going through the motions at this time is simply not enough. Perhaps a holiday or a carrier break, or even carrier change would help, many of you work so many hours, that it is easy to lose perspective.

We have addressed recently a similar question to yours, and I would recommend that you read that answer as well, in relation to your question. You have all decided to enter Earth&;s sphere, fully knowing of the dangers on your path. Once one enters Earth, one has to exit Earth clear of all previous karma. Suicide incurs karma dear friend, because of the pain you leave your loved ones in. You will have to repair this in a later life with those people. While it will not be on Earth, the law of karma still applies to all in the long run and it will catch up with you sooner or later.
You speak of pain in your question. Have you wondered where is the pain coming from? Is it to do with you or with the people you help? People working in the health area are under lots of stress and exposed to much emotional pain. This pain has to be cleared on a regular basis. We have spoken of long walks; sea air and sea water would help you a lot if you can go on a beach regularly. Being with alone, meditate sitting on the bare ground. Bathing in the sunshine is also healing dear friend.

There is also a wide range of healing therapies we recommend you to try; you will find the right one for you. In general, speaking about your emotional pain helps, even to a if necessary. You must determine what the origin of the pain is? Does your pain come from a childhood hurt? Does it come from relationships? It could also be coming from a past life.
The best way is to be your own observer. You are here and now, given an opportunity to awaken, to fix the past. You must also be aware of the fact that with the incoming energies, many of you will chose no longer to stay on Mother Earth and their decision will manifest by developing terminal illnesses sometimes.
You must remain impartial to their choice and not judge them. Do what you can for them, but do not loose your in this. Remember who you are dear friend; you are a manifestation of the light on Earth at this important time. Do not allow yourself to be pulled deeper into attachments and identification in the .
If this is a problem for you to deal with, we recommend you step back from it, turn off the news, go for a retreat in order to learn to better balance your own energies. You really need to stop the cycle you find yourself in right now. The stop that is needed is a retreat from outer events until you find your feet again so to speak. Until you find your light and until you find out more about the reasons you are on Earth in the first place.
You need to create a protective bubble around yourself, and allow your inner life to grow and develop. Mother Earth and all those around you are affected by you. Allow your guides to help you by asking them for their help. Be open to what will be shown to you. When you are tense and believe the reality you perceive as true, you are clinging on to life, like a climber hanging on to a cliff in the air.
Your levels of tensions and fear is very similar. All is perceived as pain. Please make space and allow for inner space for yourself. As a general rule, we have been recommending meditation. We still do recommend it for you all, at sunrise, before and at sunset. Just be with yourself, sensing your life force, your aura, your energy field, and sense the blockages in your body, manifesting as tensions. It is enough to see these tensions, you do not need to do anything else. Just find peace within your heart, just listen to your guides in this manner and to your higher self dear one.
Find you inner joy again and your inner child. Find your spirit and it will show you the way out of the illusion. Find your place on Earth again and how you fit into the Divine plan for the Universe. Free yourself from emotional attachments and fear. Fear of failure, fear of death, fear of not being love.
Dear one, you came here in order to experience all these emotions, to experience being lost. Taste these experiences fully while remaining anchored within your own body. While being with yourself, while being with your higher-self. You have to help yourself help you. You have to allow for acceptance and love to enter your life.
Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. This is our second question:
“We are being told that we should get ready to jump into action to fulfil our mission. How do we know what our mission is and where and when to start? By intuition only? Do we wait until after contact?
Also I had a dream this morning after calling my guides and angels to answer me on why my life seems so screwed up after I have been manifesting my desired outcomes etc.
So they showed me getting into a small vehicle, like the little round ones in a theme park that turn in circles and move around. One guide was with me. Then it started to move with higher speed than anticipated and the music was also running to fast. I looked at my guide and he said to me: You pushed that button for “speed 4″ .
So maybe we are running in 4th D. already and this still in a 3D world, and this leads to much friction and intensity and also physical problems?!”
SaLuSa: Dear friend, your spine is your pillar of light. The energies running through it originate from source itself. This is true for all of you. If you could be in touch with these energies, you will be enlightened. It is a very difficult thing to do for you right now, as much is in the way. There is much interference from emotions, and memories. You are all in general stuck in the past, relieving painful or pleasant experiences, embellishing them, according to your imagination’s creativity.
The answer for you is simple, just stay in contact with your back. You can train and practice to do so when you do meditation. As we have just explained above, practice twice a day. This will help you hear the answers, although you may not realize it for a long time. Let your actions be guided by love and light by living in accordance to your higher self.
Allow for time for the impressions you are receiving to be processed, always give yourself plenty of time. You will open your eyes and see those around you better for what they truly are, rather than having them fit into an idea of a perception of them you had a long time ago. What I am trying to say is that nothing is fixed, all is in movement. The movement is going on around you and inside of you. Keep the connection to this alive. They will have to join and embrace each other.
Concerning Disclosure, and the role all of you have, there is no need to be alarmed. If you try to keep the head quiet and just allow yourself to be in receipt of the higher energies, you will find your place in this. We are trying our maximum to make people understand the role and relationship we had with you, as a species throughout history. We have always been there, with you. If people can understand this, there will be no need to feel any fear for us.
Those of you, who have worked with us in the past, will be helped remember of this, in due course. One step at a time, as the attachments to this life, for some of you are deeper than you might feel or think. We are taking our time to come into your lives, because it is a difficult journey to undertake.
There will come a time when your past, your future and your present will merge as one. There will be a time when you will remember all and as a consequence, you will quietly take your place among us again, in the same way as one sits into his or her favourite armchair. And for some of you, you take your place in the big so to speak. You will then, naturally resume your duties with us, if you wish so.
However, before this happens, you will have to learn to detach yourself from the illusion and make peace of heart with yourself. Dear friends, we are around you more often than you feel. If you could only reach out to us, we would respond in our own way. Your minds are fragile and we have to be very cautious to respect your free will, your privacy and your lives.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am looking forward for more moments of merging our consciousnesses with you. This process of reunion is a long and a difficult one. As the walls are slowly falling down in your world, so will they fall down in your minds dear friends. You will, in good time accept the changes in your world and the changes within yourselves. Once this work is done, we will feel safe to walk freely among you again. We have been away from your public life since the Atlantis fall and we will be together again as soon as your world is ready for accepting us in love and peace. We do not come as conquerors, we come as friends. So you see… it is all up to you as a collective consciousness and it has always been in your own hands, and your hands alone for eons.
Thank you, SaLuSa


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