Posted: 22 Aug 2011 11:57 AM PDT

SaLuSa to me 22 Aug 2011

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. We would appreciate an update if possible? And also here is the first question: “Between the Beings of Light that connect with us there some of them that enlightens us very much. They call us Starseeds, they tell we are Light, that we are all part of the One. And I wonder how can it be so? What about murderers, thieves, deceivers that are on power (governments)?. How can we all be equal and the same? I know I am not a saint, otherwise I would not be here, but being the same as a murderer or a gangster … it is sad to know that.”

SaLuSa: Good afternoon Laura, of course. The dark ones are at their worst at this moment. They feel cornered and are full of fear. They are at danger peak for you right now, as many of you would have guessed. Do not be intimidated by their actions and threats dear ones, as their power is fading by the day. The incoming energies are affecting them the most and they do not feel at home with the level of light present and projected on your planet at this time. They have been given every chance to correct their actions towards you and we are still allowing them time to rejoin the light. All those who sincerely wish to reconnect with us are certainly welcome.

We do intend to allow for fair trials to take place on your world as soon as a friendly policy towards us is set up and take charge. We will also offer to have access to precise records in order to carry out perfectly fair trials. Our arrival among you has been delayed for over fifty years. We have allowed for every plan the cabal has made to play out in all countries. It is your planet and we respect your wishes, your free will and your governments. We are acting according to galactic and divine laws. We would like to consider ourselves as guests and wish to come to your world as such. We long for days when we would be able to be openly with you, dear friends.

We are aware of all the pain and suffering the cabal causes to many of you dear souls. We do protect you when the cabal launches attacks on you. However, it is not always possible to protect all of you as much we wish. The cabal actions are unpredictable at this moment and they are using newer tactics than previously. We will however adapt and will do our best to protect you as soon as you ask for our help. The dark and the light have been at war for a long time in your universe. It is not the case in all universes. There are galaxies and universes governed by the light only, and there are also a minute number of universes where the dark are the ruling force.

Your universe had a cyclic learning process. God has decreed, however that your entire universe will ascend now; therefore, a new set of rules will naturally emerge in the coming years. As you progress towards the light, darkness will no longer be present here at all. Their plan to take over this entire universe has failed and there is no other choice for them now other than join the light, or retreat. As the light will illuminate your body, heart and soul, your memories will return to you and you will retake your natural place on the spiritual evolution scale.

Those who do not wish to reintegrate their light will be sent to other universes, galaxies and planets where the dark is in majority if they agree to it. Throughout history, a handful of these dark beings are kept on a few planets, where they can review their actions over and over again. They can be kept there for eternity, while others may get new chances or return to lower life forms. A few can also eventually be decomposed through various physical laws. These are far less than one per cent of the existing souls however.

Creator, in his great love and forgiveness allows to learn and evolve at our own pace. We do not say this to scare anybody; we just wish to inform you of the next stage for your world. You see dear ones, we have to act in synchronicity with all happening in your entire galaxy and universe. The pieces of the puzzle must come together at once. We have to allow for all to unfold accordingly.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. This is our next question: “What will happen to common people like ourselves and the ones that are not aware of or have got no information about ? I keep faithful in the Grace of the Divine Plan” SaLuSa: Dear ones, the divine will is perfect and there are many beings and many levels of existence still entirely unknown to you. The higher the level of vibrations is, the higher the level of responsibility one has. Dark souls do get almost infinite chances to rejoin the light, considering the scale of things, if not in your universe; they will get this chance in a universe ruled by similar rules to yours. The Light has won the battle in your universe dear ones. There shall soon be no more darkness here. There will still be cycles and ages as you call them, however, the degree of consciousness will be pretty much maintained to a constant level.

When a universe ascends, as you know, there is karmic forgiveness up to a certain point. You will have to choose what the next step is for you, having said that, there are certain vibration laws which will have to be respected. These laws are automatic laws, and cannot be bypassed. For those who will not ascend, every soul will have the opportunity to review his or her life, once in the after life. Your next stage of evolution will be greatly discussed with you and all will be done to accommodate your wishes in this respect.

The ascended beings looking after you in the higher dimensions of the after life are working very closely with God and will respect your wishes as much as possible of course. Eventually, you will come to an agreement. Sometimes your wishes do not match the level required for ascension, in which case additional incarnations will be necessary. However, those requiring further incarnations will choose their life path in a great deal of detail. The beings planning your next life are very kind and loving. They will do all in order to accommodate your wishes best.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I assure you all is prepared for the next stage for your planet. We wish your planet to finally know true peace. I send you my blessing for your return home journey dear souls. It has been a long and tiring journey for us all. However you will be more than pleased with the final outcome dear friends. Things are very near to clicking into place.

Thank you, SaLuSa

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