27 August 2011

: Laura


Laura: Good evening . From the questions and emails a few people are wondering why is the not stepping in on our planet and help us with our ongoing various crises, deaths and sufferings caused by the cabal? Would you be able to give us some insights into that matter please?

SaLuSa: Yes, as we said before, we wish for the greatest number of souls to ascend on your planet. We wish the light to be victorious and decree to be fulfilled of course. This is the reason so many galactic beings are here. We are here to ensure God’s will is fulfilled and that ascends. Along with a certain number of souls will also ascend of course. You dear ones are helping to ascend and you are helping your loved ones stay into the light.

Our duty here is of course to assist you in your , but we are very much here also to ensure that your planet’s wish to Ascend is fulfilled. is a living, breathing being. She has her own rights and her own free will, which we must also ensure are respected. In order for this to take place, Mother must cleanse herself from negativity and scars so to speak. When she ascends, she will carry into the fifth dimension a certain amount of souls, mainly those who have agreed in their life contract to ascend at this moment with her.

However nothing can prevent souls from fulfilling their life plan contract concerning Ascension. When we assure you that nothing can stop these souls from Ascension, please keep in mind that what you call does not prevent anybody from Ascending. is in fact a sacred process, it does not always have to be a painful process, nor is it scary for those undergoing this process. is not an end and nobody dies alone dear ones. Just because someone dies, it does not mean they can not ascend. Please do not look at as the end, as all of us are undertaking various lives, on various planets in order to further our growth and evolution.

You see, dear ones, Mother Earth and you are closely interconnected in many ways. You are supporting each other and depend on each other when it comes to your Ascension path. It is a great honour and achievement for a soul to assist a planet in her Ascension. The opportunity is only given to trusted and deserving souls. However it is also your duty to assist her in her journey, as you are Mother Earth’s children. You and only you can assist her best in this process. This is why we must allow you alone to fulfil your duties towards her and helping her in recovering her pristine beauty. Our presence now would interfere with your progress in working together and in learning and discovering who you are, discovering your place in the scale of the Universe.

One of the reasons so many souls chose to incarnate on Mother Earth now, is to help her raise her vibrations. This can be done by the quality of vibrations ordinarily. However, because of the cabal’s efforts to limit your levels of consciousness, Mother Earth requires a large amount of souls in order to uplift her vibrations to the required level for Ascension. Although the divine deadline for disclosure has passed, we are still bound to respect your relationship with Mother Earth. We do work in accordance with Galactic Law and Divine Law. We are bound to follow the high hierarchy’s directives, when it comes to our mission here. We are operating under a certain hierarchy and follow orders, just as you do.

Our civilisations have gone through Ascension eons ago. We are not here to forcefully impose our rule, you all have free will and we will respect your wishes concerning your choice for Ascension. We are here to ensure that you all get the chance to ascend, if so is your wish and your life plan. We are also here to help relocate those of you who wish to remain in a three dimensional environment. For the time being, these souls refuse to see what is ahead of them and they refuse to admit our existence. Many of them refuse to see their connection to the light and prefer to remain in the dark when it comes to knowing who they really are. They are just not ready to accept their own power and light because of various reasons.

We do never place any judgement on such souls for choosing to remain in . We also ask you to try to understand that these souls will rejoin the light once they have cleared all karma and have done the learning needed. They will rejoin you when they are ready. As you cannot eat a meal until it is cooked, one can not ascend until one is ready. There is no hurry, dear ones as your experience of time in is merely an illusion and you are all eternal souls.

Your principal aim when you enter duality is to learn from experiencing being in a body. The other aim is also to always be connected and in communion with Mother Earth, while trying to remember your true nature, your real self so to speak. We have no place in interfering with your individual learning and developing process. You life contract has been planned by each one of you. It is no coincidence that you are here at this time dear friend. You have accepted to descend into the lower vibrations for a certain purpose, fully aware of the risks, as well as the consequences of being in duality. Our interference in each one of your life plan would not be permitted dear ones. It would mean such a loss for most of you to steal you from your victory in duality. This is not permitted by the Higher Council of the Light and the spiritual Hierarchy.

We wish to be joining you once your level of vibrations have reached the required level for peace and harmony to be a reality on your planet. This is fully within your grasp dear ones, we have no desire to take anything away from your victory. You are all divine sparks and divine creators. Your power is limitless dear ones. As you are able to create the most painful nightmares, you will discover that you are also able to create the most beautiful reality for yourselves and for your Mother Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I can assure you that far less people than you may think are necessary to awaken you all from this collective dream you are finding yourself in. The dark hats know the power of God within all of you and do all they can with their science and technology to maintain you in low vibrations. They do not wish to see as little as one hundred of you in full possession of their God given powers. They fear you dear ones, and this is the reason they have so many plans to keep you in deep sleep. However the dark also offers a golden opportunity for your awakening. The time for taking your rightful place among your galactic family is nearing every day. Be Joy, be light.

Thank you
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