August 16, 2011

to all my beautiful children on this fine day! Before I deliver my message through this dear , I would like to bestow upon all of you, my unconditional divine and light. Please take a moment to feel the embrace of my . Know from this simple gesture that you are all very much loved.

As the , the to some, and God to others I am able to see everything that goes on in and around your lives. I have seen all your joys and seen you in great despair. You have always managed to rise above your most recent challenges and surpass your lessons. Through all this you began to learn to trust yourselves. Some of you still have issues with truly trusting themselves. I see this . You deny the fear that speaks loudly. When one truly trusts themselves, they are able love themselves unconditionally and trust and love others in the same measure. The ones that do trust themselves completely, pay attention to their intuition, and learn to rely on it as being credible. Many fear trusting this openly as it requires one&;s vulnerabilities to be exposed. Learn to trust dear ones, you are all so very beautiful to my eyes.

Now is a time when trust is important, especially when there are so many messages appearing. Your trust in yourself will assist you when you need to discern what you read, watch, listen and feel. When you read an article or someone’s channelled message, you will be able to discern what is right for you, what agrees with you. You very well may come across a message or article that you do not resonate with at all, and that is fine dear children. You are not expected to resonate with everything that is before you. Each message, article, video, or another means of learning is based on a person’s individual ability to discern. What agrees or resonates with you will not necessarily be the same for others.

Your ability to trust yourself comes from within dear ones. Going inside yourself learning who you are and what makes you so unique. Sorting out the truths from the untruths, and removing what no longer fits. What you thought were your vulnerabilities, will become your strengths. Turn what negative impressions you find into positive energy. Be creative and innovative while doing this as you are mapping your own reality.

When you are able to love yourself and others from the purest depths of your heart, your ability to trust yourself will become easier. It is in progress, a masterpiece isn’t created in a single day, there is never a rush dearest children. Take your time, learn your lessons and grow. Along the journey that brings you into enlightenment, learn all you can that resonates with you. Seek guidance and support from peers, Masters, Angels, and any other deity you with. Ask questions. Questions are important. You will find however some of what you ask, your answers are already inside of you. You will also come across some questions that require you to wait for the answers. When this does happen dear ones, see this as a test or challenge of your patience. Patience is one of the hardest things for my children to master and to maintain, but all of you will at a time that is best for you.

Dearest children it is time to take my leave of this dear child. Before I leave, allow me to wrap you in my loving embrace of my unconditional love and brilliant light. My love for all of you is endless.

Blessings, the Creator through Julie Miller
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