Aug 7th 2011

-In order to "prepare" for the shift is to simply Be The Love You Are. That may sound repetitive…I know. However, it is of the highest Truth. Many believe at this time, that they must take certain steps and do certain things in order to be "Worthy" of . But I assure you, this is Not the case.
Only the Ego makes many believe that they are not worthy or not good enough to receive 's Divine Rewards. Simply Dismiss these self-destructive thoughts as they come up.
-How do you know your'e ready? As long as you can Be Present and operate from your , With Love, You Are Ready.
-You are "Worried" that you do not know enough…
Do Not Worry or feed into that fearful energy. It is the false ego that makes you feel the need to "worry" about not knowing enough as others that are awake.
But Re-Member, as the Awakened Being that You Are, All Answers Are Within You. You Have The Knowing. All else that is required of you is to Be You.

-It Is All quite simple…unfortunately, so much mis-information was thrown out there but those that wish to complicate things for their own personal 3D fulfillment. In the Higher Realms, we are One and no-one is separate or more important than the other.

Read and become acquainted with the which is of the Highest Vibration, that which you Feel in Your Heart to be True. Cross reference this with that which is inside yourSelf. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of going Within. What does Heaven look and Feel like to You? Close your eyes and Go There…Be There. This will help develop your 5D Consciousness. Expanding your Multi-Dimensionality.

Our Star Brothers and Sisters Are returning…not just the Pleaidians, but many others. We Are The Ultimate Knowledge so when We All come together, so will the knowledge. When we reunite with Our Star Family, it will be just that… A Huge Reunion. And Yes, we will have tons of help. But they are Already helping us in major ways and have been for quite some time. We Are All Coming Home Brother… So Be In Joy.

-Yes, you will still have a body. We are Ascending along with Gaia in our physical bodies for the 1st time. So even Now, we are transforming into Crystalline bodies, back into our Light Bodies. We will not have all the physical boundaries or our current 3D state.

-After Ascension, there will no longer be a 3D planet. Everyone that chose to be here and be of Service during these last times will All be on the Same 5D page. This is the only planet to suffer such a great amount of unconsciousness, and that unconsciousness is Now coming to a close. Mission Complete = Heaven On Earth.
The ones that choose not to ascend at this time, will be given the opportunity to do so on another planet (Nibiru), which is already in place with Beings that volunteered to watch over the ascension of the others.

Ok My Brother and Sisters, I hope I was able to answer your questions fully. Feel Free and contact me Anytime.

All My Love

I Love You All

Forces Of Light

-Unite and Empower-

All My Love To You


First Contact Ground Crew Team