26 August 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

The way We see it, living in grace is very much like living in truth – your higher truth, the truth of the world shining through your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Not what is believed, perceived, created or made up to be true, but what is.

Living as you are – the best example of you with your light shining bright – aware of your strengths, gifts and qualities and always putting them to good and perfecting them.

Living in grace/truth is also seeing your "weak spots", the parts of yourself you like a little less, recognizing and accepting they are a vital part of you. They can become your greatest teachers if you accept what is with and if you resolve or improve what needs to be worked upon. Not necessarily to change or erase them, for some of your "flaws" can actually be your greatest assets if you accept them and see how they can help you relate with others better, understand the world and others better, be a more compassionate being, kinder towards others, and be a better or healer.

For how many of you like to hang around with people who seem to (claim to) have all the answers? Who think that because of their status, background, experience, studies or natural abilities, they are meant to only be teachers/healers, never a student/healee.

Living in grace is knowing that is not always fair, and still roll up your sleeves to work on a project or a cause, help a friend or a stranger – because your heart/higher self tell you it is the right thing to do…

Even if that means standing alone to do the work because no one else seems to see/feel what you do.

You see, living in grace/truth takes courage, commitment, determination.

There are so many things happening in your world and beyond. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed, especially considering the fact that so many of you are growing more sensitive/acute/astute each and every day.

Amidst the economic/political turmoil, the natural and ecological disasters lie infinite acts of grace. Proofs of a higher love from within manifesting, materializing in the outside world through human action – as well as through the act of other living creatures. Remember the animals you so often tend to forget…

These acts of grace are everywhere – minute and monumental. When you live in grace with intent, you become a living proof of (a higher) Truth, of (a higher) Love, and the world changes simply because you were there..

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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