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Monday, 1 August, 2011  (posted 5 August, 2011)

When was the last time that you touched someone? When was the last time that you were lovingly touched? Touches can be as simple as a pat on the , a touch of the hand or a big bear . For our relationships, it is important at this time to remember to touch.

When my was young, I was told to touch him when I wanted to talk to him. Because he had different from me that touch would help him to hear me.  All I did was lightly touch his hand or arm and start talking and the difference in our communication was amazing! For my daughter, it was the opposite. I could be all the way across our home and she would finish my sentences. We still do that thousands of miles away from each other. But that doesn&;t mean I wasn&;t close to my son, we just had different energy and needed a way to connect. And that connection was through touch.

Starting with our young children, they generally want our touch but as they get older and get into school, they start to push us physically away. This is perfect for their soul lessons however, they are still children. Sometimes just a reassuring touch on the back, arm or hand is perfect for the talk that you are having. Or maybe it does warrant a hug, even if your child is not the hugging type. Ask your Angels and their Angels to guide you to touch lovingly and appropriately.

It may be a little different for touching with your birth family as “rules” have already been set as you grew up. We didn’t hug in my family growing up and it made me very touchy with my friends. I needed that! But my family just wasn’t that way. So if your family was like that, going to them now and all of sudden touching, wouldn’t be appropriate. In this situation, ask your Angels, when and who to reach out to. You may be like me and just be touchier with your friends. That is fine. If you come from a family where you always hugged and touched, great. Just continue on, my blessed friend.

The biggie that the Angels want to share about is our love relationships. Here is where we need encouragement to touch more, especially those of us in relationships for more than a couple of years. Remember what it was like when you were dating? You couldn’t touch enough. Now, it could be just a peck on the cheek or lips before leaving to work each day.  Most Lightworkers are in relationships with very grounding people, who are not walking this path. Our loved ones may be struggling with the effects of what is going on around them and taking out their fear and agitation in our relationships. If this is the case for you, touching more may be your answer. Think of ways you can reach out and touch them in everyday life. Like touching their arm as you walk by in the kitchen. Or lean over while they are on the computer and touch their shoulders. Or you can hold their hand when you are walking or sitting watching a movie. You know how to touch. We all do. Maybe we just haven’t been doing enough of it because of all that we have been going through with this .

Try this wonderful tip the Angels shared with me for my relationship years ago:

Before you go to bed for the night, lean over and kiss your partner while putting your hand on their heart and placing your other hand on your heart. This will connect you spiritually through your hearts for the entire time you sleep. (It connects your physical hearts because you are touching them, emotional hearts because you are kissing and spiritually hearts because you are opening up in the highest, most loving way.) Then before you part ways in the morning, do the same thing. You will see a softening of energy and a stronger connection within a day.

Going through these recent years, hasn’t been easy. And when we have been lonely, we know that just a touch or a hug would make us feel better. Sometimes we hear our Angels say, “We are hugging you!” Well, that is great but we need something more. We need the physical touch because we are here in the physical realm. You need it as much as your family and friends do. This will bless you too! Think about it, when was the last time that you reached out and touched someone?

Blessings for loving, appropriate touches,


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