20 August 2011

Channeler: Aluna 'in

In the Spirit of an Open Mind and Heart, allowing for the UNKNOWN, this has elements to feel into, read and discern for OurSELVES:

MAYAN PORTALS and their importance
to preparing for the shifting of dimensions

As always, I plan pilgrimages to certain sacred sites without knowing why until we arrive closer to the travel dates. When I returned home from this past March, I had a STRONG calling to return to nearly every site that I had traveled to in the last 30 years. I was called to do this before the end of 2012. Since there are so many places that I have worked with in the past, I asked what sites were the most important to hit first . . . and Uxmal, Labna and Kabah jumped right into my heart. I knew I had to return to this area of the . It has become evident that the of sacred sites are accelerating and gearing up for the big show. It was clear that I was to go back to these dimensional doorways, also known as PORTALS, to see how the has advanced. The last time I visited these sites, I was going solo. This time we are called to bring a group. So we have made arrangements to go to these and many other sites in the Yucatan this December. See link to Pilgrimage below. Not only did a wise friend encourage me to arrange this trip, but we also we got a great confirmation today in my in box about portals… Read below or go here… http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/pilgrimages.html


Portals are circular energy patterns, and as you go through them, they will cleanse and transport you into the new thought patterns of the Fourth Dimension. Portals will allow you to understand more about your own embodiment, as they are the entrances to the Shift itself. At the portals, portal workers will assist those entering the new dimension.

As soon as you pass through the portal, the cleansing begins. This is where all the unnecessary energies that you may have been carrying are removed. Suppose that you have a cancer or tuberculosis or any kind of illness. For the most part, this will be removed allowing for a fresh start. Since all your third-dimensional illnesses were created for self-learning within the Third Dimension, you will discover that you don't want to create illness. You will evolve beyond 99 percent of this. Your molecular structure and physical embodiment will come into a much different alignment. Your metabolic rate will change, your heart realigned, and your brainpower expanded. Your embodiment will change-larger kidneys, better blood pressure, and so on. If you are around 50 years old at the time of the Shift, it is safe to add as much as 130 to 150 years. The average life span can easily reach into the high hundreds. Even this can be extended, if it is desired. You choose.

The portals will actually be fully open prior (not specified to how long this is) to the three days of darkness, but they will not be evident at all. After the three days of darkness, they will be extremely evident. By then, the will already have made their presence known. Internal portal workers will be those who are already evolved into the Fourth Dimension and they will help others to evolve in a gentler, loving fashion. They will also help to dispel any residual fear. External portal workers will experience the Shift from the highest element. It's difficult to explain in third-dimensional terms; however, if you have chosen to be an external portal worker, know that you made the commitment before coming onto the Earth plane. The commitment probably saved you 10 to 20 lifetimes in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, and you will be rewarded in the light of Master Jesus and all of the Grand Masters who will be there in assistance. All of you will be light beings, and once in the portal, you will feel the love from the Fifth Dimension.

Read the entire article about the 3 days of darkness durning the shift . I like the no fear approach to this cosmic event . http://esoterickat.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/the-shift-three-days-of-darkness/

or go to www.kirael.com

I know those who have a calling to be of service to humanity, and want to stay in touch with what is going on regarding humanity's evolution and ascension, will understand why traveling to portals NOW, before the shift, will help us prepare to be of greater service to others when the time comes. I know many of us want to make this shift with our eyes wide open . . . and not sleep through the big event. I know that I don't want to miss this experience for anything. I know that travel to sacred sites helps us assimilate and integrate energies that will be coming in the future . . . thus the hope is that we will go through the shift with our eyes wide open. We have all arrived here at this time on Earth for this powerful shift into the higher dimensions.