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Mercury is here once more, and just the thought is usually enough to incite fear and into the of mere mortals.  We’ve been taught that when Mercury, the planet of communication and connection, goes , all hell can break loose.

Some of the events and happenings we have come to expect during Mercury Retrograde include but are not limited to: problems and mix-ups in communications, that anything signed or started during the retrograde period will be reversed when Mercury goes direct again, computers going on the blink, problems with appliances and automobiles, and much more.

For most of us, when we learn we are about to enter a Mercury Retrograde period, we consciously or unconsciously steel ourselves for the worst and just pray to get through it with our computers, our relationships, and our electrical and mechanical worlds in tact.

But does it have to be this way?  Humans definitely feel the effects of the moon and the planets on their bodies and their lives, but Mercury Retrograde appears to have gotten out of control in our opinion.  It does not have to be a time that is dreaded and just gotten through.  Your anxieties do not have to increase and the problems in your lives do not have to increase either.

To offset the conscious and subconscious invalid beliefs concerning Mercury Retrograde, Karen has made a short audio using the Ask and Receive process in order to release all fear ad anxiety around Mercury Retrograde from you.  It is our hope it will help support you as you move through the intense and challenging energies of life on at this time.

As we said, the audio is short, only 4 minutes long, but it will offer huge benefits in your life!  Just click on the following link to listen and follow along through this quick, easy, and effective method.

Releasing Fears and Energies Around Mercury Retrograde  (3:56)

It is our hope it will assist you greatly at this time.

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