3 August 2011  


Struggle verses

One of the important masteries and skills you bring to all your experiences while embodied is how fully conscious you are in each NOW.
It does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it, the key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your , gratitude, and . It is not what you do but how you do each moment.

Everyone longs to discover the place of harmony and the gentle flow of events. When you experience struggle and stress this adds a level of disharmony to the activity and the seeming chaos. Once the of struggle and stress are engaged it takes conscious skill to change and transform the pattern.

The belief that everything is a struggle, a challenge, a is strong in . This is an illusion and a learned pattern.

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being in which we invite you to maintain. When your awareness is in the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, no matter what you are doing there will be a flow, a grace, and an ease.

The illusion of struggle, stress and strain create low frequencies. These states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

Many humans are aware they are playing in a hologame here on planet earth. This hologame board offers the illusion of limitations.

The illusion of limitations is strong, it is well maintained, and it is encouraged and enforced by the media, the leaders, and the old third dimensional paradigm.

The beliefs of limitation are given to each human upon arrival by parents and society. Many humans never question or discover that they are truly powerful creators. They exist and live their lives with a poverty of consciousness.

There is an evolution, a transmutation that is happening in the hearts and minds of scores of humans. This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self, aware of their lives in multi-realities.

The awareness of staying in a high vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation allows you to stay in the fifth dimension where synchronicities, miracles, and divine connection allow for a graceful flow of events and activities to take place. Practice these skills today and notice how events unfold with more fluidity and less struggle.

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