21 August 2011



Living as One

Consider the awareness of your multidimensionality. You are here in a hologame on planet earth, responsible for the physical vehicle in which you dwell, confined by beliefs of the limitations of this reality. You are also connected to the galaxy and respond to the offered. You are able to read the of another being, taking in data and interfacing with other beings at all times; exchanging information, ideas, and weavings of . You travel through time in a moment , returning to the past, zooming to the future, however, you only touch the time line briefly and usually you touch it with regret or worry.

You have the ability to step into any hologame and experience that reality, with all its taste, smells, feelings and sights, and "live" it so to speak. However, in this current third dimension reality you have mimicked this ability with the movies and television.

Use the example of the physical as a metaphor. Image that within the , this physical life you are now focused on, your dimension of awareness is only "one cell". Your life, your "NOW" is only one cell. Yet you and the others you interact with are truly multidimensional. The multidimensional creates, nurtures, and sustains the whole in a very complex delicate balance.

You as the "one cell" are not aware of all the others tasks or other realities the total body participates in. There is the reality of the bones, the reality of skin, the reality of the heart, the liver, the circulation system these are all just aspects of the of the body. There is the brain, the thoughts, the feelings, the memories and on and on. Yet the one cell awareness is not fully conscious of all that continues to take place.

This human life is your focus, yet it is only one cell of your total magnificent multidimensional self. There is much going on at all times that you do not recognize because of your veiled awareness and . There are frequencies, matrixes, and realities that exist in which you are very active. Yet the "one cell" you focus on resists this expansion or does not even know of the others' existence.

Expand your awareness. It is much easier than one might imagine. You do it often, now just recognize when you have shifted.

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