6 August 2011

Channeler: Inanna

O gentle and tender souls of your beloved Inanna's Ishtars heart
Do not seek to sacrifice your sacred love in forsake of love
This lioness does not so desire to slaughter or quell her kindred fire
She genuflects before her beloved ones in sheer holy adoration
She marvels at the reverent splendor of her noble divine creation
It is but for her own perpetual love of you she bought forth your life
She bore you worthy of illustrious life so you could permeate her love
She comes to calm the tempest turmoil of your unrequited soul
Offering an cool oasis of everlasting peace, tranquility and serenity

Many are the tears she has wept for her forsaken daughters
They who have been so tainted by the blemish of ignorance
If so she desires, she can lay waste with but one burning arrow
To the fallowed and now barren corrupt lands of her realm
Once borne from her fertile loins her intentions unsullied
's spurned conception vexes the Gods with interminable sorrow
Tis was but conceived immaculate, untainted and unadulterated
But now smitten blasphemed and blighted by mans unconscious naivety
The stain of apparent ignorance is evident by utilizing the proscription
of Forbidden Technology that raises my ire, to illicitly interfere with
my natural creations is an abomination.
She Ishtar, unduly colored the Black Widow, The Scarlet Woman,
Aside from the purity of devotion to those she now cherishes
She softly caresses those of father's forgone close to her breast
To suckle and replenish her beloved children’s vanquished souls
She is merciful to the desert as it feels the rains of her fresh reprieve
The love of a mother knows no bounds and has no fearsome foe

Now unto you, greatly beloved, this adoring heart bestows desired pleasurable favor,
Inanna Ishtar softly discloses sighing murmurs of her furtive surreptitious secrets
Ishtar’s but elusive enigma no longer an obscure mystery, but for her worshipped deity
Such vain displays of puerile valor bewilders and perplexes her enduring but poignant soul
The futile but no less impressive imprudent feats of hapless and fool hearty men
Those sons of her suns who bore weapons of hate and disdain imposed such forlorn flux
Cursed upon the sacred hearts, her daughters of the moon, unrelenting woeful sorrows
Those who are oblivious but to wreak a plague of anguish and menace upon their Mother
Conceited and deceived are they who have marred her radiant and glorious beauty
Many are the legions of men who have raped and violated her bountiful and exquisite body
Ishtar sought refuge and safe sanctuary, her stellar loveliness sheltered and hidden behind her dark veil
Tis her needless shame that obliges your sister to shield her fertile abundant form under bleak garb
Eons she has worn the blackness of these Widow Weeds, now she sheds these mournful garments
For she grieves no more, she once again adorns herself with all the glittering stars of her heaven
Inanna Ishtar unfurls her luxuriant locks and shakes free the taut knots of eras long past and forgotten
Her affluence is prosperous and plentiful, to replenish the empty coffers of her beloved realm
Ishtar of all Queens and of all Kings, illustrious of all she beholds
Bequeaths her supreme clemency, generous is her unreserved compassion for the passionate and devoted
No longer a coveted secret her cloistered concealment is revealed for all men of God’s to see.
Millennia are her names and incarnations.
Tis but I, Ishtar who is the cryptic intangible guardian behind the of the ‘Arc of the Covenant’
Tis but I, the Egyptian patron of nature and magic, beloved sister of Osiris
Tis but I, Shekinah, the ethereal perfumed splendor of the ‘Rose of
Tis but I, Aphrodite, the goddess of eternal love and irresistible charm
Tis but I, the Magdalene, I am honored and scorned, the whore and holy one
Tis but I, Mary the immaculate Virgin, mother of the most renowned of my prophets
Tis but I, Ishtar who is the Grail recklessly sought by men’s blood by the Templar Order
I am the hidden flame behind all worldy religions and faiths
My vision and my words are idolized and revered, reverberated on the lips of the faithful
Irrepressible in my devotion for my children my infinite dedication to right all wrongs is but unrestrained.
Ishtar reigns down supreme prudent justice to suppress all incurred injustices, so great is her jurisdiction
From her astral dominions, she descends from the heavens to reclaim her once fallen angels
Those warriors of her flame, custodial guardians of her harried and misfortunate daughters
They number 144,000 and are marked by The Sacred Seal of Ishtar, their identity undeniable
One is but destined for glorious unrivaled prestige, the of her all Holy Sentries
Ishtar’s Arch Angel Michael, her defender, her crusader, her consort, her sacred , her
Together the Northern Hemispheres of her Demuzi and the Southern Hemispheres of Inanna Ishtar
Cease to be divided, as time begot is dissolved and is declared timeless their embrace eternal
His divine blue torch unites with her sacred scarlet fire reunited in creation their Sacred Beacon burns
To alight all the kingdoms of heaven and earth – They are the Violet Flame

Much love to you all
Ishtar )o(