12 August 2011

Channeler: El Anora

Dearest friends, I come to you now out of the yearning of your hearts, for you have sought Truth, and you have asked for Truth, with sober minds, and clear intentions. I am coming to you now out of your request, and through your request, I ask that you suspend your disbelief for but a moment, and hear the words of your heart.

Love is not cruel, it does not judge, it does not divide, it does not separate, it is not about ego. Look at your world, that has separated itself amongst you through nations, through perceived races, all in an attempt for division. Look at but the lesson of hitler, in his own egoism and cruelty, over race and pride, murdered and killed, and tortured millions upon millions of not just Jewish people, but human beings.

Think on this. The alien ideas that you have, the things which you call "identity", I ask you this, is this who you truly are? Are you this body? Are you simply a manifestation of consciousness? Or are you so much more than that?

There is that which is eternal, and it is Love. Who you are is a Creator, not the Creator, but a Creator, in a divine Universe, and the nature of that is Love.

I ask you this: Do you wish to allow others to make your decisions for you, or do you wish to be free to do these things yourself? I ask you to remember the time in your life, when you were persecuted for your beliefs, please do not fall into the mistake of those whom you moved away from, as in their own "sureness" of what they thought was Truth, they condemned you, and punished you, for simply being yourselves.

I ask you this: What is True Love? Does it divide? Does it hate? Does it repress? Does it conceal? Does it create subterfuge? Confusion? I ask you these things, so that you will ponder deeply.

My friends, consider the mistakes of the past, and ask yourself Truly, in all honesty and soberness, is what I am creating Truly serving me and the good of humanity? You condemn your brother if they are not more "enlightened" than you, but you too were condemned, and so you have taken this condemnation, and you have re-birthed it into a new form, and this new form is called "Purity", and you ostracize all those whom you do not view as pure.

I ask you to please Love those whom you Love, but also to love those whom you perceive in the darkness, for if not compassion, if not caring, what do we have left in this world but divine ignorance, devoid of awareness and knowledge?

I tell you this: But you do not want to hear, there is nothing that divides you in the Supernal, there are no names, there are no doctrines, there are no illusions, there is no division, because it is Love, and all things are One, and Light is all there is. There is nothing to fight against, for all is the Self, the Divine Love that is your own nature.

Look but into your hearts, and weight them on your own scales, and use your rational mind to judge accordingly, for I ask you this, look but at your world, and Think on the lesson of Socrates, Socrates taught his fellow man to think not to the gods, or to any other source, but their own personal awareness within themselves. Do you understand what it means to Truly think for yourselves? To decide for yourselves? To create a life free of condemnation, free from rule? Do you not think that you could live Lovingly, without a or , to keep you in line.

I tell you this, you sit on a threshold, not of awakening, but of re-creating the past, a past filled with sorrow, where slavery was the only thing that existed, and all power was given to the Priests and the Kings. I tell you: The only God there is the light within you, and the only Truth, is the Oneness, and Love that is the Ultimate reality.

You do not want to hear this, because you are so "sold" on your own illusion, so wrapped up in your own creation, so enamored with your own ego and its self worth, that to relinquish this would leave you questioning, "What is this life for?"

And I tell you again, but you do not wish to hear, that this life is for freedom, freedom from religion, freedom from control, freedom from persecution, a world in which each of you can create and be, the perfect reflection, of who you are, and who you choose to be, with Love for each other, and Respect for each other.

For I tell you: There is no wrong creation, and all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. When each of you can grow up just a little bit, and put aside your egos, and come together as friends, and decide not through conflict, but through rational and contemplative thought, a world that in your hearts, you can all agree to share, with Love and mutual Respect, then you will have the world and the universe you desire.

I tell you this: and I will say it again unto the end of times, you manifest your own destruction. Look but at the words of Yoda and the failure of Darth Vader, who believed that his wife would die, and so out of his own fear of losing her, he fulfilled the prophecy.

I tell you this: If the world ends, it will be by your hands, if the world is destroyed, it will be you who destroys it, because you would have any illusion that takes away your personal responsibility, but the one Truth is that you created this, and only you can change it.

You can spend the rest of your existence, from this life until the next, blaming others for your problems, or you can take responsibility for those problems, and create the world that you know in your hearts is a world of joy.

The choice is always yours, and I caution you on any message which does not lead you back to yourself, which does not give you choice, and does not offer you the greatest freedom, because I tell you: Any message that does not give you choice, is not a message from God, it is a message from fear, and fear is your only enemy.

I realize you do not wish to hear, and that is okay, all life is in your choosing, and should you choose one thing, you will grow from it, until you need it no more, but this is the message you have sought, and this is the teaching you have wished to receive.

I love you dearly, each and every one of you, from the end of time, to the beginning of time, and to a time when time shall no longer remain. Seek freedom, not enslavement. Seek love, not hatred. Seek joy, not sorrow.

As all-ways, I am the One Called ,

May you find your light inside, and your Truth within, and with your own hearts, may you find your Joy.