12 August 2011

: Wes Annac


Dear Souls, there has been a Divine plan underway to wipe away the last remaining vestiges of illusion and darkness that seem still to be so prevelant on your world. The has been much clearing, on a planetary and personal level. Outwardly this clearing has manifested as riots and protests, as the people are truly fed up with the way they have been treated by their governments. This kind of turmoil is something we anticipated, and it is necessary to assist in this cleansing process. This process is not just manifesting globally, personally you have all been feeling a number of strange things pertaining to said cleansing. Just like your planet, your bodies have been getting rid of the last remaining bits of darkness that you have sheltered and nourished for a millenia. Many have been experiencing sickness as a of this, as well as a whole host of other symptoms. We wish you to know that your perceived suffering is for a higher purpose, and you are to come out of this as shining Divine beings, and you will be so much stronger having had this overall experience.

Many unawakened souls are now finding their beliefs tested, as the 'truths' so many have immersed themselves in were actually false all along, and these souls' mis-perceived truths are now being cleared away and transmuted as this ascension process unfolds in deeper and greater ways. While many unawakened will attempt to cling to their old ways of Living and interacting, the time has come for such actions to be cleared away, to make way for the actions of the New , the Heavenly plane of existence that is to very soon manifest on your world. Many Lightworkers have felt so many of their old beliefs stripped away from them, and as a result some feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually 'naked'. This is all a part of said cleansing process, you are in the thick of it at the moment, and as many of you know the intensity has picked up quite a bit. In regards to this, once again we say that you will be so much stronger having found your way through these difficulties!

We continue to ask all of you dear Lightworkers to hold the line, oh dear souls if only you knew the good your mere presence on the earthly planes is doing for this ascension process. Earth is not the only venture many of you are taking on; in the sleep realms many if not all of you have been assisting many more planets with their ascension processes. This is the Life of an ascended Master, of an ascended being. All of us, literally an infinite amount of ascended souls, dedicate our entire existence to helping other civilizations of souls reach the level of understanding and Joy that we are at. It is an indescribable feeling of Joy and Happiness, helping a planet or collective of souls to ascend. We of the have done much for your planet, as most of the awakened souls currently incarnate on your planet come from other planets that have councils in the .

So indeed, many if not all Lightworkers incarnate upon Earth currently hold a position in the Galactic of Light. Dear souls, The (that monitors your planet and collective consciousness) doesn't allow just any to incarnate on Earth. You must understand the seriousness behind our words when we say that Earth is one of the most difficult planets for growing and learning lessons. It is also one of the best planets for growing and learning lessons. Why is this you ask? This is because the intensity of the lessons learned on Earth from a lower dimensional perspective 'toughens' a up and makes said so much more resilient and strong. We mean not strong in terms of physical power, as you know we up here have all ascended past that of physicality. No dear souls, we mean strong in willpower, and strong in spirit. This is a topic that cannot effectively be put forth with earthly words, but nevertheless you will certainly understand when the time comes.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the of Nine. I come to you on this evening to share much insight. Dear souls, there are now many of us from the Galactic Federation who are putting forth our messagtes of Love and Light to an ever- increasing group of conscious 'channelers'. There are many souls at this time coming forth with messages of the Light, and this is because the intense Love and Light being sent to your world has now gotten so strong that it has reached the core of many souls' mental channels. As the ability of telepathy increases in one, one begins to re-establish personal contact with their former off-world guides and allies.

There are also many souls who are beginning to receive this contact, but are too shy in putting the messages out in public for all to see. Dear ones, I would first like to say that for those whom we are talking about, and they know who they are, it is completely understandable why they would not wish to have these contacts made public. However, those who are now beginning First Contact with us are beginning this for a reason; it was something that was chosen for them, by them on a spiritual level and it was prophesized that they would be sharing their messages at this time. I would like to guide to all souls now to detatch from the illusion that is fear, for fear brings up many limitations and puts up many boundaries that become hard to peel off of ones' being. Fear has kept many wonderful souls from doing great things. Fear has kept people from changing worlds, from changing Lives, in the most profound and wonderful ways. Fear is something that like ego, is now in it's final death stages on your world and in your universe. This has been an ultimate goal of the Galactic Federation of this universe, and it has been the main reason of the concentrated efforts of Lightworkers currently incarnate upon Earth.

Dear ones, do you not understand how important you are to these end times? If you truly had our perspective of how important you were, you would not waste a single second of precious time on Earth. You would be using every single moment of the Infinite Now to grow, learn, and above all else enjoy your sacred experience upon Earth. Oh dear souls, we wish so dearly you could understand how sacred your experience on Earth really is, how lucky you are to be where you are, how coveted the positions you are currently occupying really are, and how much this experience should be cherished! Many put up illusions in their lives, to block themselves from receiving the sacred help and guidance they so desperately need and deserve while growing on Earth. Now is more than ever a time to detatch from illusion as, like the ones you brand the Illuminati's power structure, illusion has been damaged and transmuted with no possible chance of recovery. The old ways of seperation and hatred are over, we ask you all to make way for the new Divine energies that are to proliferate every aspect of your Lives!

I AM SanJAsKa of The , and together with the , once again remind you how Loved you all are, and how truly Divine you all are on the inside. Even the souls you would think of as the 'hardest' still have a soft inner shell of pure Divine Love. There truly is no seperation Dear Ones, you are all One. So has it always been, and so it will always be.