Aug 21 2011

-Channeled By Wes -

As the end of your cycle of growth comes nearer, many are sensing that big change is in the air. Those who are sensitive to the newer and higher energies have certainly been feeling something real in the air, and not only are we ever-nearer to being with you, the Divinity and Love you once knew quite well are to be with you as well. You have all done so much to ensure these end times go off without too many problems, with your efforts down there and our efforts up here we have together become an unstoppable force of Love and Light. We encourage every dear Lightworker to take time out of their day to ‘pat themselves on the back’. You deserve recognition daily for the wonderful (and might we add extremely efficient) job you have been doing on the difficult sphere. Do not take it too far, as it is easy to begin nurturing one’s ego and sometimes souls don’t even realize when they are doing so. Even still, we wish you to realize how wonderfully you have been progressing.

Just a short time ago, humanity would have not been deemed responsible enough to handle First Contact. The Light has cleansed your planet to such new heights, and we would like you to know that it is your Light that is bringing this New Age into manifestation. You are and have always been creators of your reality, many souls on your world know this but sadly not enough do. Sometimes when you read our words or hear them in your head, you seem to generally grasp the message but many of you don’t understand the message completely. Let us explain. It is easy for you to hear and except truths like, ‘you are shining Divine Gods and you create your own reality’, but many don’t take these truths to heart and really understand the implications of what that means. Dear souls, you are creating your reality day by day, second by second, we ask you to embrace your creative powers as the Gods upon Earth you really are!

When you see us in person and realize that most of us are like you in every way, the majority of humanity may laugh at themselves for how fearful they were of us. It saddens us a bit that so many of you don’t remember our quite close ties to each other, and many have gone the complete opposite way in fearing us without really knowing anything about us. We are quite eager and excited to be with you as we have much to clear up concerning our past together. Many of the Lightworkers incarnate on Earth have very close ties to us, the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians. Dear souls there are many more ‘races’ that are a part of the , and some of you may be surprised to find that you even have close ties with those of us that look nothing like humans. Those souls are eager to show themselves to you all as well, but they know that they can not yet show you a form of body that looks so different from what you are used to, as our intention is not to ‘spook’ or shock anybody. Rather the opposite, we want you all to feel as comfortable as you can with us, as we are your space family and as mentioned above, we have very close ties with you.

Earth is moving ever upwards in , and we are now entering times where change is unavoidable. Look around your planet and you will see change bursting at the seams, just waiting to come forth into your everyday lives. Clearly the old world order has failed with no possible chance of recovery, though your media is still attempting to pretend that everything’s ‘business as usual’. Dear souls, we wish you could see the true of affairs on your world, because if you could you would know that change is ever-closer to occurring. With the help of our Earth Allies we have been doing much in the way of prying the dark ones’ grip off of the planet and off of your collective . We would like to guide to all to detach completely from the media, from news organizations and from television. The dark have always used these outlets as methods of control, and as we said before they broadcast certain things that keep the viewers’ vibrations low, which powers the unseen yet dark entities that are around many of you at times.

Many people don’t notice these lower astral entities that are around them most of the time, and many don’t realize that these lower entities actually factor in the not so ‘good’ decisions that some make. Let us elaborate on this a little further: when somebody has the choice to perform a lower action or a higher action, there are always beings around them, though unseen, that help push them in a certain direction. The direction one is pushed in is based on who one decides to listen to, and the choice one makes. If one decides to say, lose their temper and yell at a Loved one for any reason, they are usually being pushed to do so by a lower entity that feeds off of their . This may be a bit of a blunt truth to some, but as long as is prevalent in you, chances are there will also be unseen lower astral entities thriving off of said energy. We say this not to put anyone in fear, but to help one to recognize when they are giving their power away to beings of a lower nature. These entities are like drug addicts; simply waiting to get their next ‘fix’ of lower energy no matter who the source. Most Lightworkers with the best intentions of Living in Love at all times, still tend to give their energy away to that of a lower nature. The best thing one can do is to affirm that only beings of the highest christed consciousness are to be prevalent in one’s , and above all else try as much as possible not to feel any negative emotion of any sort. We understand that is not the most easy thing to do on Earth, but you must understand that many of you came here to do just that. Many of you came here to conquer these lower energies by learning not to give yourselves away to them.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of The of Nine. We have been ensuring from our motherships that every new development upon Earth in the way of related energy, reaches you all with little difficulty. You have all been so strong in maintaining your Light, and even right now you are entering into a difficult period for staying centered. We ask you all to continue in your efforts, disciplines and affirmations, as they are aiding your Lightwork in very real ways that are to see your run smoothly. was always planned for this time; it is a decree made by Heaven that cannot be broken, even though your dark ones seem to think they have more authority than Heaven, and that they can stop your . These past few months have been quite a wake up call for the Illuminati, as they are realizing that their old ways of ‘doing business’ simply will not be tolerated anymore. They have done much to not only try to prevent your , but to entrap you all in a certain state of consciousness, or should I say unconsciousness. To explain this I will have to elaborate a little bit on what was said earlier.

Many of you now know that your dark ones own your media, and pretty much have a say so in what gets broadcasted to you and what doesn’t. They have went quite out of their way to fill your heads with outright lies about the way Life should be Lived. They have many believing that materiality and separation is the true way to Live Life, when in reality the exact opposite is true. They display shows and movies with core messages about materiality (partying, lust, having the latest gadget or handbag) being the way to Live. They did this not because it was what they themselves were interested in, but because they knew that by getting humanity to attach themselves to these false teachings, they could stall your growth exponentially. Sadly enough, many dear souls do attach themselves to materiality, and some have lost connection with their godspark so much that it will take another couple of ascension cycles for them to really gain that connection back.

Many things are to be addressed in our announcements to you all, and our announcement liaison teams of Agartha have gone a long way in explaining the methods of control the dark has attempted to push onto all of humanity. Many things will be coming to light that is going to shock most, if not all of you. Many souls are to realize that the beliefs they held so dearly and cherished were false all along and were orchestrated by your dark ones to keep them in a state of perpetual slavery, where any hope of a connection with one’s godspark is almost fully lost. We say almost because connection with one’s godspark is never truly lost, and even souls who are kept under the dark’s illusions are beginning to understand greater truths in their own unique ways. Dear souls, the reason we continue to mention the dark’s former stranglehold on you all is to help you realize that many aspects of the Life you are currently Living are still powered by lower patterns of thought. The dark has done much in the way of ‘black arts’ to try to keep a hold on your collective and individual consciousness. Many of the lower astral entities that were spoken of before are actually as prevalent as they are because of your dark ones. We will get into that subject with you all another time, because it is a subject that is best saved for when we are with you.

I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the wish you ALL to begin real contact with us. Looking towards a channeled message, while helpful, is still in some ways looking towards an outside source for the Divinity that is so easily found within. You are now Living in the time where contact with one’s own guides is becoming quite necessary, as many of your’ mental channels are opening up to new levels as you reach newer and newer heights. We bless you all, and again wish you to know how well you are doing. When times get rough, we say to you do not lose faith in your own Divinity, in your own inner Light, as it is your Light that has seen you through some of the toughest times whilst on Earth.

Thank you to The Pleiadian High Council, The Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.