6 August 2011


Foundation is the root, the base for all material and immaterial things to gain structure and body. Each of us in our own way needed this structuring, and we gained this through all the lifetimes lived here in the physical, as well as schooling in the ethereal planes. Today marks the graduation of many souls throughout creation who have gained much wisdom from the trials of this and other material lands. Together as a team you have persevered through much terror and turmoil, reaching heights we never thought possible under such weighted conditions. Love is and has always been the key to your success here, and it is this key that will now and forever unlock you from your 3D world to soar with the eagles of the higher dimensions. Today is your day. Feel the freedom growing in the air. Feel the changing tides as you wrap up final responsibilities and pack your bags for your greatest adventure. Wisdom, honor, love, light, all will escort you through these final and then first days of your never ending journey through the wonders of the creators magnificent home. Through the years you have struggled much, but I tell you your hardships are now over. Paradise is yours forever, and it is this you shall have very soon my dears. Be in joy, stay the course. We are your Pleiadian family.