Jennifer Hoffman a message from Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 22 August, 2011

This has been a tough Mercury and it ends this week, although the shadow extends to September 9. This is something that happens at least three times a year so it's not an unusual phenomenon but our heightened awareness and greater to energy is making this one more difficult because we are more aware of the changes that are happening, more attuned to the shifts that are happening around us and more involved in them because we are more connected to everything that is happening, beyond the small part that is our involvement.

This heightened sensitivity makes us aware of the changes that are happening within us and within others. We feel their pain, their and confusion and if we are in fear, we can take it personally. The we are going through is not something that is being experienced by people who have been or are following a , it's being felt by everyone. And everyone reacts to it according to their level of understanding. So someone who suddenly decides that a relationship is no longer right for them at this time may be feeling doubt and confusion about their own ability to relate. But to the person on the receiving end, it's a different matter.

I've been writing for some time that the transformation we have been going through for the past five years or more will soon be felt by everyone and that time is here. And others will experience this transformation through the filter of their fears and have to address their own energetic alignment and integrity. They will make choices that include us, or not. They will act from their fear and may decide that the life they have is wrong for them and abandon it, and us. They make become so different that we can no longer be with them.

And as we continue our own transformation we may decide that the life we have is no longer right for us, that the people we have been surrounded by, including family, are so removed from our vibrational range that we can no longer connect to them in any way. Parting may be difficult but what is removed will be replaced by what fits our energy and this is a time for us to focus on the level of community, connection and relating that we want in our life so we can be surrounded by people that we can and want to be connected and who can and want to be connected to us.