Aug 8, 2011


Into this new love, die

your way begins

on the other side

become the

– Rumi


This week, passion ignites the fires of purification, engulfing the past in a sea of flames. Unencumbered, the soul soars.

A grand cross is forming in the heavens, again, with Mars filling in the fourth leg with a combustible to and squaring the ongoing of and Saturn. Under this configuration, passions erupt. The creative-destructive rush is unstoppable, fueled by evolutionary forces.

The retrograde motion of , Uranus, and Pluto (traveling “backward” through the sky from our vantage point on ) adds a not-so-subtle dimension of uncertainty to the mix. Two steps forward, one step back, seems to be the most popular dance at the moment.

The full sky on Saturday will be spiked with a few faint meteor showers (they show better near the new ). It’s a magical of manifesting possibilities. It’s also wise to be cautious, compassionate, patient and ingenious. Creative pursuits take the edge off the relentless intensity.

Meanwhile, Venus continues her underworld journey away from our view. As she approaches the Sun before dawn these mornings, the pair will form a triple conjunction with Mercury next week. Illumination of the shadow is softened with grace and beauty.

If there’s something you’ve been dreaming of doing, now’s the time to set things in motion, at least initially. And if there are projects, chores or deep subconscious healing you need to complete, the retrograde energy supports that.

To stay on top of the wave, attune to the universal rhythms.







Write uncompromising poetry.

Become the sky.


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