Aug 20

Posted by Wes Annac

Hello friends. 🙂 I would first like to say I know it has been a minute since I have posted anything of my own, and that has been because of the ongiong ascension related energies that continue to reach our and our physical/mental/astral/. The past couple of days have left me feeling quite drained as a of said energies, and as a of certain happenings in my personal Life. SaLuSa says it best in his most recent communication with Laura : (1)

“There is very little you can “do” at the , as the bulk of energies coming to your planet from the Universe are shaking the old paradigm.”

“Everything is magnified and its power gains momentum when navigating in these dark waters.”

“We are crossing a rather dense energy field at the moment. You will find that the vibrations directed towards you by the Cosmos are not as pure and clean as they recently have been. The rhythm is somehow slowing down in your uplifting journey, which is a necessary step.”

I think you get the idea. So worry not friends, I am still around and still channeling our ascended friends. I still encourage anyone to send me questions, but recently a good friend over at Galactic Messages has brought something to my attention that I feel needs recognition. While it is good to read channeled messages for the purposes of getting ‘updates’ about what is going on around the world, spiritually and physically, it is now time for all of us to begin real, personal contact with our own guides, in any way possible. Channeled messages are good, but most of the time what ‘comes through’ is subject to the ’s own dissipating ego and mental channels. This is a fact, and it is why discernment is needed when reading any channeled messages, my own included.

Again, more important than being able to discern channeled material, is to begin true contact with your own guides. While channeled messages are left up to the channeler to relay, your mental channels are to be trusted the most at this time. I have been getting many promptings from my own guides to relay this to you all. I personally recommend one go deep into meditation, ask to communicate with one’s guides, and quietly sit, wait for and listen to any response. It may not happen automatically, but trust me just putting in the effort will set in motion a real response from one’s guides. This is a task that is not too big for anyone to undertake, as has been stated many times our guides are with us at all times, and they are simply waiting to be communicated with.

So that is all I have to say on that subject. Much Love to all, I will most likely have another message from our friends out tommorow, so stay tuned, but again and I can’t stress this enough, it is deeply encouraged that all of you begin contact with your own guides, with your own friends from the . It has been said that all of us, every Lightworker on Earth, currently hold a position in the GFL as many of us come from planets with councils in the GFL. Mine just happened to be the , but who knows what Divine beings we are all related to! Much Love, and begin that personal contact.

-Wes Annac-