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August 27, 2011

Hello to all of this fabulous Earth! How pleasurable it is to come through and speak to you.

So many hardships you have endured while on this journey of discovering yourself, and returning to the LIGHT of yourself and with God. The lessons you have learned and the you have gained is immeasurable. As each day brings new opportunity for new lessons, it also brings opportunity to share your unconditional love and light with others that are on this path and in your life.

There will be more lessons and more challenges that will require you to hold on fast. As you move along and come face-to-face with these and the turbulent ride they bring, it is possible to find pleasure and while you are learning and growing. Despite the challenges that you will face dear ones, the you will find from sharing your love and your light will help diminish the difficulties. There are many ways in your everyday life that can bring you while on your journey. When you are able to find coping strategies that are healing as well as being creative, you will quickly dissolve any negativity as you change your focus to something else, even if its only a few precious minutes. Allowing yourself to step away from the situation at hand and focus on something else, will help you come back with fresh eyes and possibly to see from a new or different perspective.

When you do experience challenges that lead to negative thoughts or thinking its important to acknowledge these thoughts as they hold valuable lessons. Be aware of any negative thoughts and attitudes, expectations or negative behaviour that will reduce your and your vibrations. Once you are able to see a pattern to these, you will be able to find ways of turning them around. Negative thinking CAN be changed to positive thinking by you making the choice to change the pattern. When you make the necessary changes to bring yourself back to a positive state, you will be able to let more love in, and in turn be able to give more love.

Even with the mistakes you have made it is important to love yourself. YOU are a beautiful soul. The mistakes you have made, have helped you get as far as you have as you have acquired much knowledge and wisdom. Love yourself first before you love another. I have seen many children criticize another for something that they feel is wrong. What is right for you, will not be the same for another dear one. To find fault in another person could very well be a reflection of your own faults that have not yet surfaced enough for you to really see. A lot of honesty is required of yourself along this journey, and a lot less judging of another’s way. It is always easier to see the fault of others rather than your own.

I can help you with any of this dear ones, call upon me at any time should you require further strength and encouragement. Through all the learning you are doing within yourself and from the world around you, its also important to trust yourself, deeply trust yourself, as you know yourself like no one else. As you find your true self, your trust in who you are will be build and you will find further peace with your life as you will accept what you are becoming, what you are changing into. And that change is beautiful. A being of Light that loves Unconditionally, has mercy and compassion for their , friend, companion, etc. When you are able to love yourself unconditionally and connect to those in your life, regardless if they are within your home, work place, or across the world, you will be able to communicate your understanding and compassion to their beliefs. your and your mind to all possibilities. Find what resonates within your and your soul, and learn all you can. Your love that you have for yourself and the knowledge you have gained will come through to the ones you are in contact with. They will see you for the beautiful person you really are underneath your human shell.

Helping others, even if its just by being supportive on their journey has many healing properties and benefits for both of you. I encourage you to act more selfless to those that are new on this journey or if they are going through a difficult patch. Your act of selflessness doesn’t require you to spend money, or be extravagant in any monetary means, but to love them, support them and respect them. Love has always had very strong healing properties and even the ones you think have done you wrong deserve to feel the unconditional love that is within that pure heart of yours.

I am preparing to take my leave of this one as it has been a long day and I am empathetic to her needs. I know I can come back anytime to finish this conversation if I choose to at another date and time. I truly enjoyed speaking to all of you again. I look forward to the next opportunity. My Divine Love and Divine Light is filled within this message and is for all of the wonderful souls that grace this beautiful planet.

And so it is, Archangel Chamuel through

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