9 August 2011


This is your key. . . in all your activities and projects and mundane tasks, practice bringing your full consciousness to the .

Allow all your senses to be involved: the sights, the smells, the textures. There will come a moment when you are dancing with each NOW that you will realize the translucent quality of staying fully in the present moment.
There is magic, an alchemical power available to each starhuman who learns to ride the wave of that is creating all the NOW’s. It is a skill, it is a game, and it is an invitation.

Practice today as you go about your mundane tasks to anchor into the moment. Practice returning to your full awareness. Practice stepping out of your habitual thoughts that run your unconscious activities, practice being fully in the present moment.

The place to start is the center. When you place you awareness in your you will naturally dwell in the NOW.

It is the mind that likes to play in the realms of past and future. It is the mind that dwells in the game of what if's and if only's, of regrets and sorrows. It is the mind that entertains fear and hatred. It is the programs of the mind that keeps each multidimensional starhuman locked in the illusion of limitations.

This is the highest and grandest service you can offer others. It is your full . It is you full in the NOW.

There is no time! Time is a part of this hologame, part of this illusion, and time is a function of the mind. Time keeps you locked out of the NOW.

By practicing staying in the NOW you step out of the . It is a learned skill and it is much easier than you would imagine. Remember any experience when you felt total and overwhelming gratitude, you were fully in the NOW.

Bring your full consciousness to each moment and you will be embraced by your joy and gratitude. This joy and gratitude will bubble up from your sacred heart and radiate out to all. Then every activity and every encounter will be uplifted into the realms of light and love. You will begin to live in the sacred alchemical of the NOW.

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