15 August 2011


We are the and we come to support and humans across the planet at this time. Much is around all at this time and we guide to those who are awake to fully from the chaos. It is illusion and that illusion is pulling more and more human BEings into the teachings on a daily basis. We do not guide this to dis-hearten merely to alert you to what is happening so that you may hold the space and pour more love and light across the planet. It is in direct contrast to the illusion and the way of its teachings. Those who are asleep and who have chosen not to awaken in this life experience have fallen much further than before and all need to be aware of this and hold the space for their .

As we have guided and other realms have guided many times ascension is a process and not an event. At no point was it ever decided that not all of humanity would ascend. It is impossible for ALL not to ascend as ALL ARE ONE. We fully acknowledge that this is a concept that many will find difficult if not impossible at this moment to understand and absorb. Know that those humans who are deeply asleep work to help those awake hold more light within their very BEings, this would not be possible if it was not for those asleep and their actions, they are allowing those who are awake to fully expand and grow by their depth of fall into illusion. Do our words resonate? Do you fully understand the process?

There is much illusion around ascension and much of it is deliberate, is the tool of illusion and to separate those asleep from those awake then pulls in the teachings of under the guise of love. We guide you to be fully aware of and detach from this teaching. ALL human BEings go through the ascension process even those asleep, as they lower their vibration many will heighten and it is this balance that allows those who have not awoken but who hold the life experience to awaken to wake up. We fully acknowledge that our words may make you struggle at this point. We ask you to FEEL the TRUTH in our words and not allow the mind to jump in and try to make sense of what is in essence an emotion.

Many still teach separation as part of their lightworker role and we guide you to be aware of this, where this is a teaching of separation there is fear and there is illusion. There is no separation for ALL ARE ONE. We wish to guide now on the illusion of lack and we wish to guide you to be aware of how illusion is pushing these seeds into the human BEings across the planet. Separation as we guide is one tool of illusion, whilst you look at your neighbour and see them with “more”, “better” etc then you are in illusion. Whilst you look at those with “money” and see “more”, “rich” etc then you are in illusion. The teachings of illusion deepen around money as this is the subject with the deepest teaching for all of human kind. Many of you have lost your way in respect to money and what it means for you. For many of you have fallen into the illusion of “want”. Illusion has taught for some time about consuming and how this is the number one goal for all humans. To have the latest product, the latest car etc, all designed to heighten the fear that you will somehow be left behind. Many others by what they appear to “have” or “have not”. We guide you ALL to detach from this way of BEing. You are not machines, you are human BEings with FEELINGS. The human life experience was to experience emotion, that cannot be experienced when you are consumed with the need to consume at all costs. Many have lost sight of the fact they share their planet with other human BEings, seeing instead competition, others have separated themselves from those who are in illusion proclaiming to have “moral high ground” and thus fall into illusion.

We note that at this time across the planet the colour of skin is playing the role of illusion, with many across the planet turning on those who have a different colour of skin and somehow laying the blame for life experience at their feet. We guide strongly to detach from this teaching, the person who is in charge of YOUr life experience is YOU. The person who creates that experience is YOU. YOU are in control of your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. Whilst you look outside of yourself for the “blame” you abdicate responsibility and you fall deep into illusion, for many across the planet utter the cry of “fate”, “told you so” and other phrases that abdicate the responsibility of creating their own life experience. There is no “fate” for all is created moment by moment by each one of you. Those who turn to those asleep and blame them for all the chaos in the world are blinded by the separation teachings of illusion. Illusion will not teach how to hold the space for those asleep and that is becoming more vital as the days go on. Only by holding the space and pouring LOVE through all will that space be held.

To judge, to resign yourselves to that which is around you as TRUTH is to walk in illusion and we guide you strongly to look at this picture. Who does it serve? Smoke and mirrors can make any situation look differently, that is also why we guide at all times to be in your heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. It does not need to rely on the information that comes in through the eyes or ears that can be manipulated to say something or show something that is not real.

The energies increase across the planet and those asleep deepen their slumber, this is the opportunity for those awake to step into their power and begin to dream a new dream. It is only by continually dreaming this new dream that the old will fade and dissolve. To dance with illusion and believe that you can think like those asleep but walk in your hearts in TRUTH is to send your vibration into freefall. Now is the not the time to “dip your toe” into the new, the new is to be lived FULLY from the heart and the life experience will be created from the heart.

The mind has ruled the human race for too long, it has run literally riot, with no sense of FEELing or connection. YOU are not alone, ALL realms stand ready to help and guide and support but many humans are choosing to dance with illusion and THINK their way out of chaos, that is not possible, for the mind will create innumerable scenarios that will lead you out of the heart and deeper into the nightmare that the mind creates. The world is new and is different but that is not seen nor heard it is FELT.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we stand ready to guide and support ALL humans at this time. We ask you to be aware of illusion and FEEL TRUTH at all times during this transitionary period of learning to live in the heart and create. Many will fall into illusion only to step right back out of it and re-centre and balance themselves, this is a normal part of the process, never before in the history of humanity has this level of TRUTH been revealed and we acknowledge that it will take time to be absorbed and processed however it must be processed with the heart.

Walking the path of lightworker for many has become “routine” and we guide you to be aware of illusion with “routine”. If you have not looked at your TRUTH in some time we guide you to check in with your heart, you may surprise yourself. That which no longer serves shows up in human life experiences as pain and discomfort. If you experience any level of pain or discomfort in your BEing then your body is trying to alert you to TRUTH. Be mindful of this and work with it at all times. Once more we guide the TRUTH is not something to be found externally for YOUr TRUTH is within your heart. Look to the heart and within to find calm in the chaos and begin to walk in TRUTH. The connection to the LOVE that IS is the birthright of every human BEing alive on the earth. To find that connection you simply have to look within. We are the Pleiadian Council of NINE, ALL ARE ONE.