6 August 2011


Many of you are struggling across the planet as the energies push you out of what you feel is “comfortable&; into an area of BEing that you may find not so comfortable. We dear ones that this is part of the of the . For too long human BEings have been contained and suppressed and now is the time to step forward and to allow of self.

We acknowledge that for many of you expansion is not understood and we are here to guide and support you through this process. Expansion is understanding that there are NO limits to what a human BEing may achieve or do. For such a long time illusion has taught there are boundaries, boundaries in what you can achieve, what you can BE and what you can do. We are here to guide you that there are no boundaries, as a human BEing you can expand as far as you wish to. Expansion is letting go of the teachings of illusion, while you believe that you have no control over your you are being contained. While you let your fear of being YOU stop you from creating the that you dream you are being contained.

The illusion contains and suppresses and it does this in a number of ways. It suppresses by teaching that human BEings are all that they see and all that they hear. It suppresses using the teaching that all will happen regardless. Whilst human BEings absorb the teaching of illusion that is called “fate” then they are being suppressed. There is no fate this is a teaching of illusion to make you believe that you have no power over your life experience and we guide you to from this teaching. It serves none but illusion. Whilst you believe in fate you will not dream as much as you could and you will not expand as much as you are able to. It takes the power from within YOU and gives it away. Do you see our analogy dear ones? Human BEings are contained by those around them. For those who are asleep will try as much as they can to keep “same”. Many who are asleep are so far into illusion that they cannot see what others can see, they fully believe that their lives are not their own and that they are at the mercy of external forces.

For these asleep humans we guide you to have love and compassion. Many begin a battle with an asleep human in the guise of love. We watch as many who are awakened try to wake up friends and family believing that their words can help their loved ones step out from the nightmare that they believe they are in. We guide that you are in illusion dear ones, detach from this teaching and live the life your dream. For it is in living this life that you dream that you may awaken those around you. Words will not awake a human who is deeply asleep, the vibration of those around them may well do this and it important to keep your vibration high and your clear during times of interaction with those deeply asleep.

Many across the planet are struggling with interaction with those still asleep and we guide you to have love and compassion. Detach from the teaching of illusion that sees you struggle to try to wake them up and simply BE. It does not matter that those asleep do not share your views or your dreams dear ones, each human life experience is unique. They will not awaken through your words and your struggle. To BE, to simply BE and hold the higher vibration will hold the space for your loved ones to process what is happening. All across the planet we see arguments break out where there should be none. When vibrations interact and they are not of the same vibration then feelings of irritability may arise in either party. This is simply the interaction of the vibrations. As the human who is asleep is completely oblivious to how the human vibration works it is left to the awakened human to be aware of what is taking place and to hold the space. Getting into a war of words with an asleep human will take you back into illusion for it will lower your vibration. You may feel physically drained when this happens and then start to experience symptoms of wobbly vibration. YOU will know when this happens for you will FEEL it. It makes no sense at all to attack the asleep human in the situation as they are oblivious. They are showing you how to maintain your vibration dear ones, see the lesson for what it is. If they were not asleep then the ascension process would be completely different. Many will not wake up this incarnation and it is not possible nor should it be attempted to ONLY interact with those who are awakened. This will not enable you to expand and to grow.

We watch as many humans attempt this all over the planet, by only being in the company of those who are awakened. This will contain all involved as the expansion cannot occur. You are all of the same vibration it is the vibration of someone who holds a slightly different one that will enable expansion. It is irrelevant if this vibration is lower or higher. Do you understand our analogy dear ones ? do our words make sense to you?

The ascension process is not about dates and numbers dear ones, we watch as many fix their eyes on 2012 and other prime dates and we guide you that to do this you play with illusion. Illusion may win dear ones, recognise that each moment is the moment to grow and expand and each moment is the moment to create. If you focus you intent in the “future” then you rob yourself of power of creating in the moment. Illusion works within the ascension process and provides many stumbling blocks to those who seek to find their way through the process using logic and the mind. Once more we guide you to move out of your minds and into your hearts, for the heart knows TRUTH. The heart does not need to see and make logical steps forward for the heart follows the TRUTH and knows TRUTH. It does not need to “work it out”, for it just knows.

We guide that many at this moment are in illusion, searching around outside of themselves for the answers that they have within. To attack those who have a differing view is to be in illusion, to separate yourself out from those asleep is to be in illusion. ALL ARE ONE, you fight and separate YOU from YOU dear ones and that makes little sense. Illusion will try to “divide” at all costs, you came here in human form to work through duality but many do not seem to see that duality in all that they do. There is no “them” and “us”, there is no “enemy” that is illusion seeking to teach separation. ALL ARE ONE.

We acknowledge that for many our words cause confusion and we guide that is due to living in the mind centred life experience. The heart is the key to all of this process dear ones yet many refuse to look into the heart or work through any emotions stored there. It is not possible to grow and expand whilst refusing to work on the layers that are contained within. Expansion and growth is the process of ascension. It is not just a jump to a better world, for YOU create that better world in all that you dream and all that you think. It is done collectively for ALL ARE ONE. Many realms stand ready to help guide and support and all that is needed is your connection to them.

In human form it may be difficult to accept that there is no duality, that there just IS. But beloved ones if you have awoken then you have accepted the life experience of expansion and this is part of the process. To do the same thing day in and day out is to experience containment. To believe that nothing ever changes is to be contained. Human life experience is about growth and expansion this means trying new ways of BEing, accepting that all is moving and all is changing and not falling into the illusion of fear. YOU can dream dear ones and it is YOUr dream that will change the world. It is not as illusion teaches the other way around. Many dream the nightmare and it is up to those awake to dream the dream and allow expansion of the human consciousness.

We guide you all to live from the heart, the heart KNOWS TRUTH. Much is written across the planet and is much is altered so that the message becomes unclear and muddy. We have asked our channel to only post our messages where the whole message can be read and not where humans pick and choose the words they resonate most with. This is important, for the filtering process can make things look different. We ask the question are you filtering your life experience? If so why? And how? Could a different viewpoint change your life? This is not about logic dear ones this is about FEELing, for to FEEL is how you expand.

If some concepts seem too far out for you then we guide you to go within and to ask the questions of your heart. Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone dear ones for how else will you grow and expand? Illusion has defined the human BEings across the planet for so long, it is up to each human BEing to step outside of the definition and absorb the TRUTH. We are the and we come to guide and support at this time of change and heightening energies across planet earth. ALL ARE ONE.