13 August 2011


We come with messages of hope and peace to all across planet earth at this time of apparent chaos. Many humans are falling deeper and deeper into the illusion that teaches them there is no hope and there will never be peace. We strongly to detach from this deep illusion and to move into your hearts. are found within your hearts, for it only when you connect to your hearts that you can FEEL the LOVE that IS and FEEL the connection to all that is around YOU.

The illusion teaches pain at this in time, many are falling into the illusion of lack and of sorrow and tears and we guide you all to be aware of this illusion. It is easy for illusion to make things appear as they are not. Whilst many focus on that which is falling and that which must fall to make way for the new they do not see the blossoming buds that are at their feet and we guide you to be aware of this. Many are falling into a deep despair, looking at their accounts, looking at their friendships, the life they have built that looks like it is all about to fade away. It is in this moment that the greatest creations can occur but those asleep have fallen to the teaching of illusion and the teaching of being victim.

None of you across the planet earth are victims, the illusion will use much smoke and mirrors to make you believe that nothing you do will make a difference and we guide you to detach from this way of BEing. Whilst your mind is preoccupied with the “what if” or “why” then you cannot engage the and see through this illusion. To continue to work it all out by using the mind is the main tool of illusion, to have humans tied in knots and kept within their own prisons of the mind is the preferred tool, it is relatively easy to do to those who are asleep. It will look like all is lost and that the “end” has started to come into form.

For those who are asleep but dance with illusion this is a time of major chaos, one moment it is as clear as day what is happening , the next moment all is a whirlwind of emotion and the mind kicks in to try to solve it all. Staying heart centred is the key to this part of the process dear ones and we guide you to be in your hearts at all times. Sanctuary from these apparent “storms” is only found within YOU. There is a quiet place to shelter dear ones and it will help to loosen the veils that have formed once more before your eyes. Do not rely on your eyes or your ears at this point in the process for all can be deceived. That is why many realms have guided continually around being in the heart. There is no way to fool the heart for it KNOWS TRUTH and that TRUTH is not easily seen amongst the smoke and mirrors of illusion.

Many of dance with illusion believing YOU are fully in control and we guide that this is not the case, so deep is the illusion teaching around certain subjects on planet earth that you do not merely dance, you fall into the illusion. It is easily done and that is why we guide you not to dance at all, to detach and to weed out any fear that may have been planted during the dance. It is vital these fears are weeded out for if not they will grow and they will throw veils of illusion across your eyes at times when clarity is needed most. That clarity is always found within. YOU will not find it without dear ones, no amount of reading books and magazine will help you to move through this process for it is YOUr TRUTH that you unveil to YOUrself and only YOU can do this.

Many have fallen into the illusion of and once more we guide you to go within and to take this into the silence. ALL ARE ONE, that is universal TRUTH. If this does not sit with YOU then please question this. Duality is what human BEings are moving through to find TRUTH. There is no of any kind, there only IS.

As the illusion tries to deepen the veils separation is the tool that it will use to command the authority that it does not have. Whilst human BEings believe that someone with a different colour of skin is not them then illusion will promote separation. All across the planet earth humans look for the differences all the while ignoring the fact that ALL ARE ONE. You may all appear to look different but that is the rich tapestry of the universe, HUMANS ARE ALL ONE , you all need to breathe, to eat and to sleep. That is the basic functions of each and every one of alive across the planet earth. But many take this for granted and then seek to look for the differences and fall into illusion.

A man who has a million pounds in the bank is no different to a man who has one pound in the bank other than one is richer than the other but that is also subjective. For the man who has a million pounds may be close to death whilst the man who has a pound has health. It is not possible nor is it in place that one should judge another. Illusion will seek to teach that the man who has a million pounds is somehow above the man with one pound, it will seek to teach that the man who has a million was more ruthless, more daring etc, no one can know if this is true for it is all smoke and mirrors. Those who look at the man with envy are in illusion for ALL can have a million pounds if that is their dream.

We fully acknowledge that our words will trigger many humans in relation to money and we guide you look once again how you view money. For money just IS. There is no black and white, no right and wrong , there just IS. If you believe that only the greedy have money then that is a teaching from illusion that has implanted itself deeply within YOUr BEing. You are stating to the universe that YOU are not worthy. Whilst you pour out envy and hostility to those who have money you lower your vibration and you take your away from building your own dream. For it is the that you pour through your dreams that creates your reality.

There is a lot of hostility and negativity across the planet at this time and this is illusion, this is done deliberately to keep the human vibration lower. If you connect with your heart this will be revealed as a TRUTH to you. Many have had emotions triggered and fall deeply into the illusion of defending these emotions and have the emotions control them. That is not the way to experience a human life experience that is from the heart. For the heart only knows the LOVE that IS, all other emotions are illusion teachings.

As the chaos will continue for some time we guide all to go within and to find the quiet place and unveil TRUTH. It is only by doing this that the world will start to make sense to you. To look upon the world just now is to look upon the breakdown of all that no longer serves, akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes, there is always the new within the old that is breaking down. There is a new way of living and BEing but it has to be FELT dear ones, you will not find it by your eyes alone. It is the FEELing of connectedness, of LOVE that is the thread through the chaos. To find it you need only go within and connect back to the LOVE that IS.

Do not let illusion teach you that the heart is a place of pain and sorrow for it is not. If you have pain and sorrow stored in your heart then weed this out, pour love and compassion through it all, connect to the realms that stand waiting to help you in your hour of need, for none are alone on this human life journey. We can stand and support and guide ALL of you but we cannot do the work for YOU, that work is done by each and every human alive on the planet. Whilst you believe it too great a task you are in illusion. That is why other realms have come to help ALL at this time of chaos and the breakdown of the old.

We see a picture that YOU in human form do not have access to, the vibration of human BEings is too low at this time to see the vast picture, you came here in human form to have a human life experience, at no point was it ever agreed that you would become slaves to illusion. Reach out with your hearts and realise the power that is contained within YOU. YOU are a powerful human BEing, it is now time to step into that power. If you read our words then you have awakened, you awakened for a reason, you are here for a purpose. Step out of illusion and into your human life experience, begin to create that which you are here to create. You are not at the whim of the illusion, for illusion stands no chance when faced with humans connected to their hearts and therefore to TRUTH. It may blind those asleep but those awake and connected through their hearts can clearly see TRUTH.

We are the and we come to guide and support ALL at this time of apparent chaos across planet earth. ALL ARE ONE