17 August 2011

Channeler: Neo Mi

StarSoul through the galactic federation

Divine Brothers and Sisters, Once again, the human hand to make a mark, in a horrible action, toward our planet, because of monetary desire, makes believe that these living beings,to be powerful,and that,killed tens of thousands of other living beings, I am referring to the recent in the North Sea, where an obsolete platform, began to pour hundreds of barrels of , or rather call it, the poison monetary which since its discovery, was due to wars, and abuse, pollution, who have, over half a century, killed millions of people, and beyond.

It has recently been issued, the report in refer to the state, of the aquatic world, where he expressed serious worry for hundreds of beings that inhabit it, that are in danger of extinction, However, the great, light workers, who are working to preserve these species, the risk of a larger catastrophe, is still high, because of human intentions, to increase resources to draw from the seabed. These large works will have a devastating effect on marine wildlife, but not only, resources that will be extracted, are the cause of of our planet as they are the most polluted of all.

Although humans have been delivered, ecological methods, to replace completely the fuels highly damaging for the planet, the craving of money, do not let them take the place that must take This will be the ruin of man, but for us it is impossible to do anything, if not, with , and love, expressing the intention of, also change these persons, and to do so, that their attention moves to the global future does not,the not future of money.

Speaking with these people, I would like to express my vision, on what they believe is power. You have no powers, and you are not the governors of the world, but you are slaves of it. And of human desires, power does not come from money, but from being loved, and, by knowing how to love, with the 'love you get the , and with , you can be heard and shared, This is the power to be imitated, for the works that give life. And not for those who give death, who created these empires, he sold his soul, and it will go, inevitably in the kingdom of the one who acquired, but there, slaves like you, in this place, may are served to demonstrate the pain and suffering, that it represents.

To you my brothers and sisters of light, I ask a prayer, to help the North Sea, affected by this tragic disaster, a thought to keep im alive, and careful to think with him, thinking carefully about the solutions, that will help, to return to normal, your intentions are sacred, like the light, They will come to life, and will help the sea, and its inhabitants to find the the way of salvation.

love and light