31 July 2011  

Neo Mi

StarSoul 2011-07-31

to all brothers and sister of the Federation from the deep of the seas, we arrived at the most beautiful period of our existence on this planet, the day that, for many, are now gone, but that for others are very close, have left, and let were great signs in ourselves and in our souls, making us become what in his youth was just our imagination. Now that has happened, the change within us, and that the battles to defend our person, arrived at the end, we just try not to fall again from , that gave us a house, to govern the need help, that in our world, appears to the weakest, we are truly able to help, those in need, and this must be our strength.

Many of you are still trying to ascend, and yet, have received all the keys to open the many doors that reveal the stairs to reach the sky, have not been able to find these doors, most of the causes of this, are the people who surround you, and the prejudices, which obscure the correct vision, of what are these ports, you can not, reach the place of unconditional love if you hate someone, because if you feel hatred towards anyone, it is normal that it, feel hatred for you, for the spirit there is no secret, and even if we can hide the dislikes, in the world of the flesh, we can not hide to the , so we will never be free, to ascend, in how we trample each other, allowing us to fly, and then to ascend.

In the world, have been created, the religions, to bring men into the union, and no religion, has never prevented his faithful, to imitate their God, if you go back and look, what you desire, in the your faith, you will find very easy to reach the goals you want, especially those of the spirit, you can not hate those who loved you, because if you do you are the victim of someone who hates yourself, do not listen to those calls for hatred, because hatred is the manifestation of defeat, those who know how to love never loses, and who knows how to win does not hate ever.

Illuminati, I feel you, and I think you feel me, is an annoying pain that few can hear, those few who are on of your glory. No one of us enlightened by the Gods, have you ever tried to stimulate your anger, or tried to provoke you, to prove that, you are capable of, and apart from the fact that you believed you come evil, which I think is not true, you are also continuously betrayed, the reason, is in the promises that you have ceased to maintain, both because of earthly temptations, both for the spiritual, you have stopped talking with those who have given you the light, this is the cause of treason, that you suffered. People are really looking for are not many, and I do not think it is fair that you attack everyone, why I ask you to take an oath, not wanting to attack the innocent and friends, I promise.

In a drop of water is hiding a lot more life than you think, if the fire comes close to it, evaporates and rises to heaven, here it joins the clouds, which then discharge into the Earth to give life to plants, so is our life, when death comes, our soul will fly to heaven, where it will join to God which then we will send back in his Worlds, to honor his life through ours.