Wednesday, July 20, 2011  

Communiques is a channeled message from the One Mind and the One Thought, the only conscious that is the One. We would wish to be seen as you speaking to yourself. It is our hope and our intent that our words inspire and that inner knowingness within oneself to to the consciousness of All That Is.

The is the physical form of the , the is the Consciousness, and the power is in the union.

You are the union of the Creator which is your Spiritual with Creation which is your .

You are the of all that exists. You are the chalice, the conduit and the carrier of Creation to the Creator. That is your destiny.

God so loved the world that it sent its One Thought into the world that it might know that it is One with All That Is. It's a dance of love.

Do not forget that even the world seeks to inspire your consciousness.

The true meaning of love, to embrace all of humanity, to be fully human.