Precious hearts…
allow me to bring you a
short yet powerful message
of hope…

~out of comes ~

you are the "peace"
that abides within the of love
that simply blesses all that it sees…

you see….it has already happened..
has already happened….
it happened the moment the "thought"
that it might be a grand experience
to create a world where you believed
you were separate…
the bridge home was "completed"…
you are simply
observing the "process"


for that is what time is for..

you are here to bring your ~love~
which is another word for allowance..
to all that you see
all that you feel
and all that do…

the very power of "choosing" to love
lifts the whole…this is how powerful
the Love that lives within you…as you..


if you would like to receive these messages
of love you can go to my website…
feel free to share them wherever you
feel so guided…
remember….we are the love..