26 August 2011


Dear Friends,

is Sunday, August 28 at 9:04 PM . Honor the still point of the by being very still yourself. From a still point inside, feel yourself expanding your awareness from the inside out, taking in your environment, becoming a part of it, being a neutral , very present and aware but without any agenda, expectation or focus. This is a time to push the reset button, which is always a good idea no matter how well things are going or when there is a lot going on, which some of you may be experiencing now. Especially if you have become entrapped in anothers drama it is useful to reset your own . Use some sage or cedar or tobacco to cleanse your spaces and yourself, resetting and bringing everything into the present.

If you have not already done so, please read Jose's article "How to Fix Your World" (link here) and if you do not already have it, the book by Jose "Praying With Power" is a good one.




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New Moon: Sun in Virgo ~ Moon in Virgo 5º
Sunday, August 28, 9:04 PM MDT

We turn our sunflower faces towards fall as the Sun moves into Virgo on Tuesday, August 23rd. As the days shorten, we will be heading rapidly now towards the on Sept. 23rd. Much needs to be done before we contemplate fall! And this Virgo New Moon chart is just the one to help us get out our lists and get to it. As a mutable earth sign, Virgo, the sign of the harvest, is amongst the most practical with its ability to organize and attend to details, and to take stock of the 'harvest' or resources and put them to the most efficient use.

Mercury, mental planet of thinking and communication, rules both and Virgo. While the airy, restless intelligence of prefers stimulation and networking, the earthy, intelligence of Virgo tends to go deep and is known for its astute analysis and discrimination. Able to form accurate gut level judgments and apply it to the task at hand is a Virgo gift related to its rulership of the intestines, digestion, and spleen. Couple that with a strong analytical mind and you have the perfect right-hand man – the person you want at your side or behind the scenes anticipating and tending to all the details before they become big problems. (read more link here) Virgo is not one to seek the spotlight for itself, but instead is motivated by service to that which serves the good of all. Their deep relationship to the Earth endows them with the understanding and knowledge that all living beings are connected and is the source of their unflagging consideration for others. Virgos do not seek advantage at the discomfort of another.

Virgos are also very conscious of the body-mind connection. Many have reactive digestive (or solar plexus) systems sensitive to anxieties and emotional conflict and this can lead to their frequent interest in healthy lifestyle choices and alternative and nature-based medicine and therapies.

Virgos are our scholar types and anything related to study like desks, offices, libraries, computers or areas of storage (i.e. for the 'harvest') like barns, closets and pantries, files, medicine cabinets, drawers, tool sheds, garages – any of these would be good candidates for a thorough cleaning and reorganization under the Virgo influence. Put some much needed order in your life and experience the benefits of maintaining the things you value.

This month's New Moon Virgo chart offers us great support and opportunity to coalesce what we have been working towards. The Sun and Moon at 5º Virgo are moving with Venus at 8º. Venusian influence personalizes the experience and urges us to seek harmony; social relationships will be highlighted; self-esteem will be up for consideration. The Sun/Moon (in Virgo) is involved in a Trine in earth signs with transformation-seeking Pluto (in Capricorn) and expansive, belief-changing Jupiter (in Taurus) working together in a benevolent Trine granting us the opportunity for broad changes in beliefs concerning our identity (Sun), and our emotional underpinnings and source of comfort and nourishment (Moon). Pluto in Capricorn can provide the self-discipline and fair witness to tackle some fairly deeply ingrained patterns and Jupiter in Taurus (if not lost in sensual pleasures) can be a constructive force to make very real physical changes. Alas, a Trine is big opportunity without the Big Energy to take action. Its nature is ease. But, guess what?!? The chart has just the tension we need to make real progress here. Thank you, Spirit for those experiences and actions that move us forward to a clearer connection to you in the form of truth, love and energy. Last Moon I mentioned the appearance of a minor configuration the sesquiquadrate/square/sesquiquadrate. Well lordy, lordy, this chart repeats that theme and doubles it! We have TWO of those pesky sesquiquadrate/square/sesquiquadrate triangles and in very prominent positions. Remember this configuration consists of 135º/90º/135º angles that form a triangle. One of these configurations points to Mercury, of the chart (must be considered). Both Pluto and Uranus while squaring each other are in 135º aspect to Mercury. It's a mandate and what it's asking is for us to become more of who we are by expressing all that we know deep within our hearts and souls and manifesting it externally – walking our talk, letting our inner light shine, standing up for how we want our lives and the world to be and having the strength to stay out of criticizing the old and focusing on the dream we want to create. Mercury and Virgo are about the mental function and again we are handed practice in implementing the craft of taking responsibility and using our minds to create the dream we want to experience. I recommend reading Jose's current article again, "How To Fix Your World".

Here's a relevant quote from Adyashanti about activating the true inner self into the external world, "The unborn Buddha Mind is not something other than you; it is not something separate from you. But even though it is not separate from you, you must bring it forth. You must realize it and manifest it-not just once, but moment to moment."

Also let's not forget Mercury will move direct on Friday, Aug. 26 just before this New Moon activates the configurations we are speaking about. Lucky for us. Retrograde since Aug. 2, Mercury will again regain the degree (1º Virgo) on Sept. 10th where it began its apparent backward motion. This New Moon will yield the most to those who have used this time for reflection and reevaluation.

The second sesquiquadrate/square/sesquiquadrate involves a square between Saturn in Libra and Mars in Cancer with the apex of the triangle on Neptune, planet of boundless compassion and representing the artistic, spiritual and very sensitive parts of ourselves. The emotional body is likely to be activated. The aggressive, intolerant energies of a Mars-Saturn square can be mediated by the willingness that a Neptune focus can bring to telling your truth and releasing negativity.

Next month's Pisces Full Moon also presents us with a Grand Square centered on the North and South Nodes and the Sun and Moon with a companion Grand Trine of Pluto – Jupiter – Mercury so these are not passing lessons, but an area to focus our attention. We are all being asked to show up!

08/30 Jupiter goes retrograde until December 25
09/12 Full Moon in Pisces 19º Mon, 3: 27 AM MDT
09/16 Pluto goes direct after 5 months retrograde
09/23 Autumnal Equinox, Friday, 3:04 AM MDT
09/27 Super New Moon, Tuesday, 5:08 AM MDT

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