Question: Dear , there has been an upswing of concerns regarding the planet that has come near the , with channelers all over the world receiving that this Planet X or Nibiru will be causing electromagnetic disruptions on Earth this coming December. Also, that a comet coming between the Earth and the Sun in September will be causing quakes and emotional turbulence around the world.

I recognize that the spiritual world of higher intelligence is in constant communication with those who are open to this communication, but it is difficult to find a common ground of information that agrees with the many different sources. Perhaps those who are seeking sensational information in order to receive public attention have some impact on that information. On the other hand, we don’t really want to hear about world-wide calamities reaching us from outer space.

Is the biblical quote “ye shall not know the time or place” correct for our world ? Mayan and Hopi predictors worked out actual dates for these disasters long ago and they are being studied by millions in order to survive what they think may actually occur. Will Higher Intelligence (God, Spirit, etc.) give us adequate and timely warnings of actual global events to happen that would impact our civilization?

MASTERS: In your Solar System there are many bodies that react with each other, sometimes pulling near with similar gravitational reactions, sometimes affecting each other by their magnetic frequencies. It is interesting to the spiritual beings who monitor the Earth fields to watch these interactions and transmit information to the empowered channels . In times past, warnings have been given that were accurate to those who would listen.

The story of Noah and the Ark was a demonstration of the wisdom of listening to the inner warnings being given. It was a story that was repeated many times in many centuries of human occupation of the planet. Today, the knowledge of outer space and the movements of planets and comets is closely observed by your scientists, and there are actually few surprises of planetary collisions or meteors striking the planet that are not observed by your astronomers.

The present movements of the planets in your Solar System have been predicted by the ancients who were given the intelligence to observe the cyclic movements of the planets and stars and who were able to give a pretty accurate prediction of the galactic alignment now being experienced. Still, because of the millions of possibilities of galactic movements and changing frequencies, it is still impossible to pin down a specific date by earth standards of any possible earthquake, volcanic eruption, meteor strike, etc.. This should be obvious by now as the many predictions of specific dates have come and gone, without too much comment or attention.

The biblical quotation tried to explain this. We have tried, in these many newsletters, to explain that each incarnated human being is connected to everything there is “ all frequencies, all knowledge, all creative motives. When there is danger looming in the general location of the person, that inner connection gives warning through the thoughts, the body , the emotional and electrical fields of the nervous system. When the person tunes in to these intuitive feelings, he/she will be aware something is wrong or is about to happen and wisely pays attention.

Nibiru and the comet will pass through the Solar System on their normal precession in space. “There will be slight magnetic disruptions here and there over Planet Earth”, but certainly nothing as dangerous or life-threatening as the disruption of society on your world today. It is fine to have a lot of interest in these movements in space, but do not let anyone toss fear at you like a wet washcloth to give you an unwelcome failure of your sense of well-being. Be aware, but beware of unintentional and well-meaning predictions that go nowhere as time passes them by. You have your own built-in warning system. Listen to it.

Question: From a reader in , who is concerned with the state of world-wide inconsistencies in governments and political turmoil. Are the governments in the U.S. and going down the drain? How is this affecting their influence in the Middle East? What is happening to societies all over the world that there is such a lack of cooperation and understanding? Is there a light at the end of the road, or at least this year?

MASTERS: Humanity must eventually realize that what is happening to planet earth as it goes through this cyclic change also affects the mentality of every living human being, as well as all life on Earth. Each human being, whether a , street-sweeper, , religious , governmental officer, etc., is undergoing shifting in their way of thinking, of feeling, of reacting to all kinds of stimulus around them. The inability to cooperate with someone else to find a suitable middle ground is becoming extremely difficult to overcome.

When there is tremendous pressure and responsibility on the shoulders of elected officials or business leaders, the difficulty of seeing or understanding the concepts of other frames of mind becomes almost insurmountable. Societies that have been ruled by kings and dictators for centuries are waking up to the fact that this is no longer acceptable and the uprisings become unstoppable. Ruling or elected parties find followers of ideals that seem to fit their current needs or ideas without intelligent study into their actual realities.

This is, indeed, a time of emotions ruling the thoughts and minds, rather than a quiet, deep-thinking attitude of working out the problems. The high frequencies being experienced by all humankind affect and electrical circuits of the brains, resulting in confusion and extreme anxiety, especially in those who have to make important decisions for themselves and those they serve. The world seems to have turned upside-down in these times, and it is a frightening thing to have lost the constant way of life that you have been used to.

When will things calm down and return to normal? Each year for the next three or four years, will see many changes in the way humanity thinks and progresses regarding how money is handled and laws are made. For centuries, the so-called upper classes have had the best of everything, while those who worked for them had little to look forward to. This is already changing as humanity is saying, NO more! The complete confusion you are now experiencing is the mixture of all of the wrongs mixing up with the rights in a royal battle. We see it as a mixture that has to be beaten until each ingredient or faction blends into each other to become a satisfactory resolution for all humanity. This will come about, not this year or next, but after that there will be tremendous positive changes that will take your world into a state of being that has been longed for and predicted since the beginning of your time.

All of the fright and yapping about the year 2012 meaning the end of the world, is but the turning of the tide, so to speak, of the mentality of humanity and finally the time of growth of a planet that is finally reaching its graduation into universal consciousness. For each of you reading this, realize that you are part of an educational process of your world, difficult as it may be.

Before making decisions, look at all sides of a problem, discuss the questions with those with knowledge of the problem; beware of those who set themselves up as leaders, but who are only following their own need for power. The suffering of millions of people all over the world will come to an end as the planet re-enters its rightful orbit and the frequencies settle down to match the needs of life upon it. Difficulties breed strength for those who determine to do what is necessary and right for themselves and others.

That is the message for now.