August 06, 2011

Beautiful beings of Earth It is pleasing to come forth at this time where there is tremendous changing not just to you but to this beautiful planet. This child I am speaking through, I came to her last week preparing her for my return visit . Last week I introduced myself as a Malakim. Which is what I am. I am an angel from the Third Choir of Angels. Within this order there is a triad; the Dominations, the Virtues and the Powers. I am one of the Virtues.

My message today through this child is to encourage all of you to always choose the good that is inside of you and not get swayed into the ploys of the ones lurking in the darkness. Through the many hardships you have endured during this , it has been witnessed countless times how easy this can be. Dear children, during the moments of your deepest despair, reach for God. This God to some of you is the Creator or the Source. This is who you need to reach for, grab on to his light and to his love. It has never left you. His love and light has always been a part of you.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You have achieved much in this lifetime, overcome obstacles that were unreachable to you at the time; so you thought. All that is happening to you and your planet does have an effect on all parts of you and now is the time to maintain the balance of the elements within you. When you are struggling dear ones with a choice, choose with your , choose what will bring you the highest of good and do not second guess. Trust in your the choice you are making is what right for you. There are many beings of this order of angels that are ready to guide you should you need them. Some of them you already know; Chamuel, Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and many others. To reach the Virtues simply burn a white candle for Divinity and an orange candle for the Virtues and call out to us.

I encourage you dear souls to continue on in your path showing compassion, mercy, grace and courage. Yes courage. There are more challenges and lessons coming dear ones. You have great strength that comes from God that is inside of all of you. This great strength is what has gotten you through all that you have so far. Show grace as you move forward into your own light and into the Light of God. I know all of you are already compassionate beings that are working at not forcing your ideals upon others, but accepting them with your unconditional love. The love you have for yourself and the love you have for all beings of this planet is incredible. The more you give yourself to this love and live through your heart, the more light you will let in.

Encourage one another through these trying times without being competitive as there is not reason to compete. God loves all of you. Each of you holds a special place in God's heart. And he embraces each of you everyday. He sends forth his Divine Unconditional love and light to you everyday dear ones. Take the time to notice and feel what God feels for you.

My presence with this dear child is causing her to be incredibly warm. Being a member of the Virtues, this is understandable as we generate large amounts of light and some can feel this as heat, like this one. I am preparing to depart as my message here is done for the moment. I will return again in the near future. It was a divine pleasure to speak through her even though it was brief and talk to all of you.

Always have love in your heart, even during the darkest of days. It will help you get through those days quicker and keep away the negativity that can easily invade your beautiful light.

Adabiel, an angel of the Third Choir of Angels through Julie Miller