July 31, 2011

Hello dear, beautiful children, how it pleases me to converse through this child and talk to many of you.

I see you busy youselves with learning what it is to be one of the Light. Yes there are many roads you can take, you can involve yourselve in Mer-Ka-Bah, Kundalini, follow the guidance of , masters or learn other areas that you are drawn to. You are learning about who you are, you are learning truths, you are learning what your abilities are, and you are learning about Uncondtional Love. You dear ones are learning so much. Through all the lessons, you are repairing areas that need fine tuning, minor adjustments that will bring you closer to your true self.

Through all this dear ones, I see many of you not see through all the accepting, releasing and fixing you are already perfect in God's eyes, the Creator's the Source to some. Even with the imperfections you are trying to overcome and adjust, you are perfect. We of the love you. You are beginning to see with the purity of your what your life lessons have been teaching you. You have come a long way dear ones, gone through many hardships and adjusted your way of thinking a few times. Now you are learning once again a new way of thinking and that is with Unconditional Love in your intent. Your actions are starting to speak radiately with love.

You are also learning to love yourself. As it is important in order for you to truly love another person. When we of the Divine see someone finally loving themselves and accepting themselves, we are cheering, applauding, saying YES and many other reactions proud parents do.

I am here to tell you dear ones even though you have had times when you have chosen certain roads to take in your life that brought you , we loved you then. The lessons you learned were huge, and some of you are still learning from those lessons. Even during the times you are picking yourself up from a difficult situation, we are cheering you, encouraging you. We have so much in you. We want you to find that love and in yourself. It is possible. Many of you are already seeing this. Many of you are able to bounce back from difficult situations easier now, you are becoming more resiliant.

This resiliancy is not an accident and you need to take notice of it, because you have it dear ones. The duality you have been living has not been easy, and all of you are managing superbly. I am glad to see dear ones, many of you are realizing you are where you are meant to be. You are learning what makes you YOU at a pace that is suitable for you. I will remind you, you are not all meant to be exactly on the same page on this path. Some of you have been on this journey for only a couple years, some a few months, and some over 30 years. No matter when your journey began, you have not finished learning and you will discover more about yourself that will surprise even you.

We of the Divine are here to help you, guide and support you. Fill your heart with love to the point it overflows. You will glow from the inside out, you will feel as if you want to hug the whole world in one gigantic gesture and in your mind you will do just that. I want for you to feel like this more often; feel yourself overcome with love and light. Share it with the world, not just the ones you know. There are many people dear ones that can benefit from that overlowing source of pure love coming from your unconditional heart.

You are perfect to me, you are perfect to more than you realize, including yourself at times. Your I AM affirmations will help you see this. And even if you have some areas in your life to clean up, we don't think you are any less perfect. It is then we are waiting for you to call upon us so we can support, comfort and guide you. Try to always keep your attitude of yourself positive. I really do understand that this can be difficult after moving past negative situations. Your positive loving attitude to yourself will help maintain calm and prevent illness that is stress related. Be kind to yourself dear ones and show kindness that is heart felt from your heart for the many people that are in your life also.

I, Lady Nada am here to guide you to loving yourself to the point of overflowing. Seek me when you need comfort and to see new ways and new choices. Know dear souls you are never alone. So many are with you, more than you realize. We love you very much. I love you very much.

I am preparing to leave dear ones. It was wonderful to speak with you through this child. May your hearts always be filled with love and light that is radiant and pure.

Namaste, Lady