August 03, 2011

It is heartwarming to speak to you . My is overfowing with love for all of you. I am in gratitude to this dear one as she is allowing me to come forward and deliver a message that is meant for all.

Since you have come into this world you learned from your parents, caregivers, friends, teachers and others what is to be true and you accepted all of it as the . As you got older some of the you were told dissolved. Maturing helps to dissolve some of the truths told as a youngster. But real is not what you were told as children. Real is what has always been inside of you. Real can only be discovered if you look within yourself.

As many of you are awakening, you are at this place of discovering who you really are. You are learning that what you have been told since childhood doesn't sit with you any longer. You are developing your own set of values and beliefs that resonate with you. Some of you are finding oppostion from friends and family. That is because you are changing, you are embracing new ideas and new ways of thinking. And you are embracing the that has always existed. For some dear ones this kind of change is very frightening.

Many of you may wonder, "How do I do this?" "How do I discover who I really am?" Dearest children the answers you seek are within you, you answer with your heart. For some of you, you might like to make a of traits, characersistics, and other areas that you have thought to hold some truth. This can become lengthy. It will require you to be honest also. From what you find, ask if it agrees with you or resonates. I have seen some children reveal things about themselves and others that they were not expecting that causes them to detour from becoming one with Light and from becoming one with themselves. Have no expectations dear children in such endeavours. You will find many things about yourself that are truly wonderful and you will discover some of the truths you have been told, no longer sit true for you. While down this path of discovering your true self you are also presented with the opportunity to correct areas that are not so wonderful. You will discover many lessons while learning who you really are. They are all important lessons. Don't be discouraged by some of the things you may find. If you find this is happening, call out to me. I will be there to support you, and guide you out of the darkness and into the light dear ones. I will show you, there is nothing to fear.

Have faith in yourself dear ones always even on the path of the Lightworker, you will be faced with challenges and many lessons. Learn to take them in stride and rise above those obstacles as they are raising your frequency of Light as you go. Embrace the challenges and show thanks to the lessons they have been sent to teach you. Once the lesson has passed, let it go, don't dwell on it as it can breed self doubt and uncertainty. I encourage all of you to maintain a positive attitude throughout your journey into the Light. I know its hard to do this children. You have faced so many challenges and dealt with many untruths and you have done well. I am always close by to assist you when you are doubtful and so are many others.

Each and everyone of you are very dear and precious. During all your growing, learning and discovering, its important to take time out for yourself. Everyone needs downtime once in awhile. And it is okay. Be kind to yourself dear ones and be kind towards others.

And so it is, through Julie Miller