Posted: 30 Aug 2011 12:47 AM PDT

Laura: Good evening . The first question is from a reader from Germany. Here it is: “For weeks now I am experiencing a quite dark phase in which everything is coming up that&;s still within me (karma, past life memories etc.) and it feels like a stone on my and heavy and it seems as if it is never ending. And there are only a few moments when I can raise myself. And I wonder if I am a great help for the light in those times anyway. It feels more and more like I&;m losing my identity and I don&;t know who I really am anymore.”


SaLuSa: Good evening dear one. This is a normal experience for most people, as your awakening is ongoing now. Some of you are going through these stages later and some a little earlier, like yourself. You and many others were sent ahead in order to experience these painful memories, and identity crisis. In turn, your experience will help those around you when they are also confused. Your for those who will go through these times will be of great value to them. Experience these fully, but do not judge yourself or others. You are just asked to see what is and use what you see in order to grow.


Know that the only way to set your self free from the past is to live in the present moment. If you are able to bear all that is within you and around you, while being with your light, you will be able to grow and free yourself from a painful past. Letting go is necessary and if you can not manage this alone, ask your guides for help. This will show you a way to freedom if you are receptive to their help. Sometimes tears will flow and help you let go of all that is keeping you in the dark. We can also help sometimes, so you can also ask us to help. However we are careful not to interfere with your free will and karmic cycle. We can still offer support and send you our purest highest golden love and light. This in turn will accelerate your healing.


The loss of identity is also normal for someone who is awakening. Dear ones, you have been educated since your very early age to believe you are something you are not. You have been trained to believe you are nothing more than your . That you are nothing else than what meets the eye. When what matters most is the God spark associated with your . You have been pushed to become identified with your role for ’s Masterpiece Scenario. You are far more than flesh, blood and bones dear friends. The discovery journey of who you are is part of the awakening process, you all have to undertake for yourselves.


So you see dear friend, you have nothing to worry about, as what you are experiencing is common ground for many of you now and is in fact an encouraging sign. Do not be scared by what you see. Do not stop your work, as your doubts and fears are nothing else than a healthy resistance to the changes ahead of us all. Be aware of the resistance, listen to your emotions, whether you crying or are in fear. Accept what you see, embrace it, and acknowledge it. Nothing more is required of you at this stage. What is required of you is standing strong, like a tall tree, directing the Universe’s light in ’s heart. Stand strong and let all that no longer serves you drop down. Watch what is useless to you now fall without regret. Be centred in your back and in your spine. The bi-directional flow within your spine is all that matters now. Witnesses the light cleanse you and .


As you direct your love and your light within your heart and your body, you also take away and cleanse Mother Earth’s pain, dear ones. Let all negativity, fears and doubts be taken away from your realm and vanish away from your sphere. You are living light conduits dear ones. As this work is being performed, you will notice that those around you will also be transformed. Their burden will lighten up, even if they do not realize what is in fact taking place and why do they feel lighter. We recommend that you remain connected to Mother Earth as much as possible, by maintaining contact with your feet, with the tensions within your body. Be aware of your inner state and moods. By doing all of the above, you are raising your consciousness levels, and this is your mission on Mother Earth at this time.


Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. I believe you wish to give us an update now.


SaLuSa: I do indeed. Dear ones, your light is shining strongly across the planet, in spite of the cabal’s efforts to lower your vibrations. They are doing their worst in order to mitigate the weather and to maintain you in a state of constant fear and alarm. However what the dark hats did not expect from you is your support and solidarity for each other as human beings. Your love and kindness is stronger than ever before. Your vibrations are taking your beautiful planet to new heights. The dark hats are witnessing your awakening no matter what their next plan is.


You are doing all the work without much help coming from us dear souls. You are able to maintain your high vibrations, to spread love and compassion around you and to embrace the dark hats with a strength never equalled by you before. We are truly joyful to see you taking your first steps as a galactic civilisation of its own right. You are becoming a responsible star nation, with little help and support from us. This is what needs to take place dear friends. We will need to step back progressively from working behind the scenes where you are concerned, so that you are given the opportunity to raise to the occasion and assume your responsibilities as Galactic citizens.


The dark hats will soon have no other choice than surrendering to the love and light filled vibrations directed onto Mother Earth from the heavens and from your inner God spark dear souls. You are given the dark hats the opportunity to join you now as light beings and masters of your destiny. The dark hats will soon have no other choice than accepting your incredible love, or depart from this reality in order to continue in duality on different worlds. As your God sparks are becoming activated, you will find that your light is intensifying. As a consequence, you are continuing your journey towards Source and moving closer to the consciousness shift required for your entry into the fifth dimension. Your soul journey returning closer to the light is accelerating, as you are bringing friends, loved ones, but also old enemies with you into contact with the light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I wish to congratulate you on your continuous efforts to rejoin the light. As you continue your journey of self-discovery, you are moving closer and closer to the light. As such, your powers are increasing and your grows exponentially. Your efforts will soon be rewarded and you will understand what a strong stand you are making right now. We continue to assist from behind the scenes, but soon our help will be less and less required, as you will soon take back your birthright as light beings among us.


Thank you



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