Posted: 28 Aug 2011 06:50 AM PDT
A is the other half of you. At a certain point in , each soul divides into a feminine and a and begins learning along two different paths. You may assume your would be very similar to you, but this is not so. The two learn in quite different directions, so that when final joining takes place, the leaning each has done is gained by both. They complement each other.

After the separation takes place, twins join up only very occasionally, sometimes in physical . The main purpose in making this re-connection, is to reflect back to one another that they have reached a certain point in their evolution. This learning continues until each has completed all the learning that can be obtained in this separated . At this point they would feel integrated and complete within themselves and would no longer feel a great need to be with their twin or anyone else.

For the more evolved soul it is normal for only one twin to be physically incarnated in the same time period. The other usually remains discarnate in order to help balance the of their twin. This allows an easier time for the one who is incarnated. Only 4 percent have both the twins incarnated and these are often in two different locations on . The percentage increases slightly for the souls who have not yet completed the learning obtained from being separated from their twin. It requires quite an adjustment in when twins meet, so it is not often the two are together in physical form.

You may feel sad to think your twin may not be incarnated at this time, because you wish to share your life with them. This can reflect an incompleteness still present within yourself. Actually you are sharing your life with them, though not in physical form. You will find that your considerations of need, loss, time and space are of a third dimensional nature. The idea that you are only with someone if they have a body that can be seen, is not the viewpoint of Spirit. All twins are in energy contact, the degree of this depending whether you are awakened and vibrating at a sufficient frequency. Many are in telepathic communication with each other. There is no Divine law preventing anyone being in total communication with their twin. You can ask your I Am presence or the Ascended Masters to assist you with this.

The between the cannot be described in the language of Earth. It is an absolute state of unconditional love, and beyond the capability of any being whilst incarnated, to envisage or experience this incredible level of love in its fullest capacity. After incarnating here for an extensive period it is sometimes hard to conceive of that magnitude of love. There is absolute love present. As well as this, imagine a situation where you know and understand a person so completely, that there is nothing they could say or do that would ever upset you. This is because you clearly see the infinite path that has led you both to this point.

A soul mate is not your Twin Flame. You have several in number, often 6 to 12 and it is these beloved ones of our core soul family that we often incarnate with in very close relationships throughout many lifetimes. They are often the mothers, spouses, brothers and close friends that assist us greatly in the learning and growth process. A great love exists between soul mates and because of this it can easily be mistaken for the twin flame. Whereas not many twins are incarnated, each lightworker has several or more soul mates incarnated and many are destined to be together.

In this last physical incarnation many soul mates are helping each other bring up the deeper levels of emotion that need to be released. It often needs someone as close as a soul mate with the great level of love that exists between the two to be able to get deep enough to raise these buried areas up to be viewed. If gentler tactics do not work in releasing these areas, sometimes it is necessary for one of the soul mates to leave the other. This can be quite devastating and usually appears incredible to all concerned, as often the high level of love between the two people is apparent to all. This is often judged harshly both by the mate being left and various friends and family. It is however a great act of love, often only willing to be undertaken by soul mates. If you consider the larger picture, you are then able to see the absolute necessity behind such a move. The larger picture involves the twin flame and the completion of life on Earth and one’s ascension.

As each Lightworker completes mission tasks and all agreements, they join their twin flame/Divine compliment and the two make their ascension together. They move through a process that is known as the Ascension Flames which is a Light energy of transformation. The Ascended Master, Serapis Bey is the overseer of this ascension ceremony, which uses the fifth ray’s white transformational energy of purity.

They head home. Home can mean different places to different people because the evolution of each being is different. Wherever it is, be it a dimension, planet, galaxy, another universe or a return to the throne of God, it is that deep place of the heart that gives you an incredible feeling of rightness and warmth within. You may have had moments in your life when the memory of this place was triggered and you felt a deep longing, sadness or a strong desire to be somewhere you couldn’t quite consciously grasp or define.

It may be that you and your twin decide to have an incredibly long holiday (like an eternity or two!) after your mission work here. As all creation is instantaneous in the 5th dimension and above, you can literally create anything. If you would both like to share a few hundred years (or five minutes) in a wonderful tropical island paradise, with breathtaking sunsets over magnificent oceans, in the exquisite colours that one sees in the higher dimensions, it is but a thought away. If you wish to either go home or rush off to explore the possibilities of new service roles, it will be so.

If you can dream it, you can have it.