Channeled through Wesley

Hello friends, this is my first contact with the being known as . is from The of Nine, which I am told is different from the High Council, but in what ways I’m not yet sure. SanJAsKa and I give this message in Love

Greetings to all, I am SanJAsKa. I greet you in the purest form of Light and Love. We here of the , along with the rest of the have a great personal stake in the future of planet . We are related to you in ways you have yet to rediscover, just know that it will be very startling when all of the revelations really begin to take off. We can tell you that we were in fact on before the humans, before and during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, before the wars started. Like the rest of your space family who were with you in these times we left after the war games reached their peak. There were only a few not from who stayed around, and these were the and what you have come to know as the ‘greys’. They had much to do with humanities enslavement after the .

We now have many of our own on the ground on Earth and you have seen many with our messages and messages from other Councils of the Galactic Federation. This has always been apart of our plan and obviously it is only the beginning. I wish to offer you all a little bit of history that you were never told about in your schools. After the fall of Atlantis a heinous plan of slow enslavement of those races created on Earth was gradually drawn up by the Annunaki and those whom they had brainwashed and trained to become their minions. We had to watch as this plan unfolded, as your was in a sort of bruised state caused by the war games that had you all clearing much negative karma. The Annunaki knew this and they used the manifestation of negative events that were originally for the purposes of clearing your karma to their advantage. They planned very negative and heart wrenching events that then had to be played out to balance out the whacked out karma you had achieved as a result of the aforementioned Atlantean war games. You have collectively been through some of the darkest times and I say this not to make anybody uncomfortable or upset but to remind you that dear souls, this is how strong you all are! To be able to go through everything you have and come out of it all the shining beings you now are has been the most wonderful sight to behold!

For a few decades now we have been in touch with many on your planet but for a while we did halt our personal contacts a bit and this was because of both the stepped up security of us by your dark ones, which made it harder for us to visit an earth human personally, and because of the freewill of many that were not yet ready to personally know the truth about extraterrestrials. Very recently we have turned our sights to telepathic contact until the ball gets rolling into the public’s eye. So in many ways first contact has begun and has been ongoing for decades. Again when the full truth comes to be known much about your existence and relation to us will become more clear. These announcements are to be in front of you all very soon and we up here continually ask, are you ready? We can feel in your collective consciousness that many of you are now ready and will openly accept our presence. This is a very real truth and has caused much swift action on our part and on the part of our earth allies. You will see the manifestation of our efforts very soon and this manifestation will have been brought out by not just us but you as well, in fact more so!

I am SanJAsKa from the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and wish you all to know that you are our brothers and sisters, both spiritually and physically. You will come to realize that we look very much like you and that our planets are actually very similar to your Earth, and are what your scientists would consider ‘earthlike planets’. I close this message in the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator who dwells in us all at all times.

Thank you SanJAsKa.

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