08/28/2011 by John

To awaken from the nightmare of the illusory reality in which it seems that you have your existence is your main task as humans. For eons you have been seeking Love, God, and passionate joy, apparently unsuccessfully. The truth is that you are immortal beings permanently at one with your heavenly Father, but due to the you made to experience life limited by the restrictions that a physical body imposes on you, your ability to remember your inseparable oneness with your Father became hidden from you. Nothing changed, in Reality nothing can change because being at one with God is eternally perfect, but your perception of Reality was altered by your to experience existence separated from God. Such an experience is impossible, but because your Father created you and shared with you His infinite divine power you were able to imagine an unreal environment that appeared very real. So real, in fact, that you came to believe in it and continued to fill it with ideas that you perceive as physically very real and solid. This, despite the fact that there is no such thing as physical reality which is purely an imaginary with which you can pretend that you are separate individual beings struggling for survival in a strange and hostile world.

A is a strange concept. It is based on opinions that have a strong emotive value for the believer, and which are consequently very difficult for him to let go of or release. This has been demonstrated many times throughout history when strongly held beliefs were proved wrong as new information came to light. Before that occurred beliefs had often become dogma, and to question them became practically inconceivable, in fact even very dangerous. Those that did question them were frequently judged and condemned out of hand by the hierarchy whose power depended on the maintenance and defense of such time honored beliefs.

In the last few decades advances in your science and have led to the undermining and subsequent collapse of a large number of beliefs that were seemingly set in stone, enabling much needed progress in all fields of human endeavor. However, many of the old hierarchies continue to defend their beliefs and attempt to impose them on others as they try to hold on to the power and the status to which they have become accustomed and to which they, naturally, attach great importance.

Nevertheless, with your advances in , it is becoming ever more difficult to prevent new knowledge from escaping into the public domain. It is this explosion of new knowledge that is leading to the crumbling and disintegration of many centers of power which have been using their power to the detriment of most of humanity. Power centers such as these will not, as has happened in the past, be replaced by similar but newer structures, because the time for them is past. New, open forms of society are developing all over the planet so that the necessary and vital changes that will eradicate disease, poverty, and repression can occur as planned. The first signs of these changes are now being reported in the , but as yet the full impact that these changes will have are not fully understood or recognized.

Recognition of what is truly occurring all over the planet will not remain unseen for very much longer, as it becomes apparent to all that the planetwide ravages of misery and privation can be ended quickly and easily. of harmonious cooperation and openness, to which all have been aspiring, is shortly to burst forth in a magnificent flowering of creative abilities that will finish forever your need for and reliance on organizations that control your lives and activities. You will be free at last to live as you wish, and where you wish, with all your basic needs provided in abundance so that you can “follow your bliss” by engaging in activities for which you feel most suited. Conflict and oppression will be gone, there being no need for them because no one will be left with their genuine basic needs unsatisfied. As a result great cooperative ventures, serving the good of all, will be undertaken, and every aspect of them will be handled by those with the appropriate skills and the desire to offer those skills to ensure the venture’s complete success.

With all these far-reaching changes occurring, all on the planet will find themselves with the skills and competences that they require to follow their paths of bliss, and the happiness and satisfaction that entails from their activities will be exhilarating.

With so very much love, Saul.