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Humanity&;s ascension into fully-conscious living is a momentous evolutionary step forwards and upwards, and the point in time (part of the illusion!) at which it will occur is rapidly approaching. Prior to this wonderful event your frequency has to rise above the level to which, over the eons, you have become accustomed, where mistrust, betrayal, conflict, pain, and suffering are endemic. This is the process that you are presently undergoing and, to quote one of your common idiomatic sayings, “old habits die hard.” Consequently, many of you are experiencing unusual symptoms that are uncomfortable and even alarming. Rest assured that they are just part of the process of evolutionary change through which you need to pass as you let go of all the unloving and severely damaging attitudes that have kept you so firmly anchored in the illusory environment in which it seems that all your “real” experiences occur.

You have chosen to awaken into the brilliant light and eternal perfection of God’s , outside of which there is nothing because it encompasses all that exists. Because it is a state of divine harmony and loving cooperation, to attempt to enter while retaining old inharmonious energies and attitudes is not only impossible but also unthinkable, because the of divine Love would overwhelm your guilt-ridden and fearful egos’ sense of worthless unlovableness and cause you to flee, back to the apparent normalcy of the illusion with all its confusion and suffering, a place where guilt, judgment, and punishment appear perfectly just and sane. While you still harbor even the smallest desire to be rewarded for your “good behavior” and see others punished for their “bad behavior,” you are closing yourselves off from the unconditional Love that is offered to you in every moment of your , and burying yourselves in the misery of the illusion – the nightmare from which you are to awaken.

The pure and perfect Love that is Reality is infinitely powerful, infinitely bright, shining with eternal joy, and completely without shadows or hiding places of any kind. If you are holding on to any sense of condemnation, guilt, or shame, its brilliance would terrify you, which is why you have to forgive all, including yourselves, for every instance of perceived misconduct, misbehavior, oppression, suffering, or betrayal that you have experienced or caused before you awaken into the divine realms. And this is the process that you are presently undergoing.

Its completion and your awakening are divinely assured. Dreams and nightmares are ephemeral, illusory states that have no substance and do not exist, but while you are sleeping they do seem very real. At the depth of your beingness, below the illusory level of awareness that the dream state provides, you know that you will awaken into the everlasting bliss of Reality. . . you know that you are safe and that nothing can harm you.

Focus now on that inner knowing, the brilliant magnificence of who you truly are, and allow that to permeate you completely, filling you with the knowledge that you, that all, are utterly forgiven for all transgressions however unconscionable and horrific they seem to have been, because, in truth, they never happened; they were just nasty illusory experiences. Knowing this, you can, without the least reservation, wholeheartedly embrace forgiveness for all, especially yourselves, and allow God’s Love to permeate every aspect of your beingness in readiness for your grand awakening.

You all truly are perfect, divine beings momentarily overcome by the horror of a miserable but non-existent environment that you imagined into being, and to which you added, by further use of your collective imagination, bodies to contain you while you underwent the human experience and all the pain and suffering that it entailed. It has lasted but an imperceptible instant while seemingly existing for eons, because time is a major aspect of the illusion that will fade away with it as you awaken. Being without time is a very difficult aspect of Reality for you to understand in any meaningful way while you are still apparently experiencing it, because it seems essential that the events you experience have to unfold in a non-reversible sequence. But, as I have said, time is but a momentary distraction from Reality, and will be gone when you return to your fully-conscious, awakened state where there is no use for it at all.

You are to awaken into the brilliant light of eternity, Reality, the now moment, in which everything occurs in perfect, divine harmony, where the ecstasy of being One with God and with one another surpasses any joy you can possibly imagine. What you are to experience is exquisite, beautiful, real, and wholly familiar! Your amnesia will be gone, and you will be gloriously and utterly awake to enjoy your existence in the unending wonder that is God.

With so very much love, Saul.