08/14/2011 by John

As the of humanity’s awakening approaches, many of you are feeling stressed, wiped out, exhausted, doubtful, and anxious. This is partly due to the conflicting that you are experiencing: the old negative and defensive ones that have been with you for eons, and the new ones of love, compassion, and acceptance. One moment it seems that you are completely enveloped by a dark cloud of the negative ones, and the next, they are swept away by the new ones. It is very unsettling and tiring for you. When you feel the old ones enveloping you, remind yourselves that they are coming to the end of their reign, and soon their influence will fade away. Intend to be embraced by the new ones and open your hearts in loving acceptance.

The other reason for your stress and anxiety is that lots of old, painful issues, to which you have been clinging and which have given you a strange sense of comfort (which is purely due to their familiarity), are coming up into your awareness to be recognized and released. They are mainly old hurts whose perpetrators you have been unable to forgive. Just remind yourselves that they, like you, have often reacted in unkind or unloving ways because of the they are suffering. So forgive them now, and forgive yourselves for any you may have caused others; and forgive yourselves for not forgiving sooner.

You cannot forgive until you are ready, and you will not be ready until you cease nursing the wounds to which you have been clinging as though they were your own abused children. You may well have been abused as children, but you are now adults capable of that those who did the abusing were themselves suffering extreme torments that drove them to behave so horribly, and you are capable of that you need to forgive them and send them love in order to open your own hearts to receive the abundance of love that is constantly offered to you.

You have enormous amounts of loving assistance available to you if you will call on those in the spiritual realms for help. They are aware of your pain and long to help you come to terms with it and release it, because they delight in seeing you jump for joy when the burden of it is released. If you could be aware of the great number of spiritual beings watching over you and eager to assist you at all times you would be amazed. So ask for help, surrender into the present moment, and release all . When you do that, the sense of peace and well-being that you experience will truly delight you. After you have done it for the first time it will be very much easier the second and subsequent times. Then, as you start to make a habit of it, you will begin to wonder why you hung on to your seeming need to judge for so long. But of course was constantly demonstrated to the vast majority of you during your formative years, and so it seemed normal, essential, and totally appropriate.

Once you release it you will feel as though a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders, as indeed it has, as you chose to lay it down and relinquish the sense of responsibility and righteousness that are its constant and inseparable companions. Now you can interact lovingly and compassionately in every situation involving others – or indeed just yourselves – and the anger you used to experience in difficult situations will decrease and then fade away. To do this is to evolve spiritually, and it is an essential part of the process through which you must pass on your way to awakening. You cannot move into full consciousness while holding on to anger, judgment, blame, or resentment because those attitudes are completely incompatible with your natural state of full consciousness.

As an analogy: life in the illusion is like living in the depths of a murky lake or ocean where you have heavy weights attached to you to keep you submerged. In order to rise to the , into the brilliant light of Reality, you have to detach yourselves from all those weights. It has to be a gradual process, because if you released them all at once you would rocket explosively upwards, and that would place you in a state of great shock.

For eons you have been detaching those weights and moving gradually towards the surface, but you have mainly remained unaware of what you were doing except that you were feeling lighter as you rose up from the depths. Now, not only are you feeling lighter, but the light at the surface is reaching down to you and encouraging you up towards the surface, and it is extremely alluring.

To reach the surface and awaken into divine Reality you need to release those last few weights – anger, judgment, blame, and resentment – which are still holding you down. Because you have been carrying them for so long they often feel as though they are essential parts of you, and that without them you would no longer be you. This is not the case. When you release the last of them, the brilliance that is who you truly are will be revealed in all its divine glory. Release those weights, those blocks, and awaken into the glory of your natural divine state.

With so very much love, Saul.