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As you know, to is to bring the illusion to an end – an end that was planned eons ago so that when the unreality of your situation finally entered your collective , it would happen in an instant. The when your collective awareness will realize that is approaching rapidly. You are already stirring in your sleep as the inadequacy of the illusion and all that it stands for arouses increasing dissatisfaction with the way of life it offers. Even in the illusion you truly only want the experience of being divinely loved in every and it is apparent that is not available there. But deep within you, despite your ongoing realistic experiences, you know that love is your natural and you want to be in that .

Humanity’s intent is to awaken. You have slept for long enough and it no longer provides any satisfaction. Your intent is intensifying as you get brief intuitive glimpses of how much happier you will be when the dream is over. It has been a temporary affair, and you have had enough of the pain and conflict with which it constantly presents you – so you will awaken, as planned and divinely guaranteed.

You know that in the awakened fully-conscious state, all live in a state of loving and joyful acceptance of one another, so while you wait for the moment of awakening, focus intently on love. Love is the infinite energy field in which all that exists was created for all eternity, and so you are always completely immersed in it. When you behave in loving ways you enlarge and intensify it; when you do not, you effectively restrict your access to it by closing yourselves down into separation where fear and anxiety are your companions.

Love is open, expansive, inclusive, accepting, sharing; fear is enclosing, hiding, shutting down, judging, exclusive. When you think, speak, or act in unloving ways, you close yourselves off from the and establish circles of fear around yourselves. You can and do share that field with others who share your views, but still you fear they may betray you. To be unloving is a very lonely and dark experience, and it leads you into deeper sleep to escape the crushing sensation a lack of love causes.

To move towards awakening is to reach out in love, sharing it freely and enthusiastically, and experiencing the joy of interacting with others doing likewise. And as you do so, those with whom you are interacting encourage you, as you encourage them, to continue moving towards that moment, because you find your fears receding and falling away and the urge to awaken becoming irresistible.

You were never judged or abandoned by . He is infinite Love, and Love accepts and embraces all because all are one with It. There is no judgment or punishment, rejection or abandonment, because all is perfect, all is Love. Your experiences to the contrary are the result of the mindless and cruel games you chose to play in the illusion, which you made frighteningly convincing and to which you became addicted. To awaken is to experience the love that is embracing you and bathing you in the ecstasy of eternal joy – your true and only home. And as you awaken, the illusion and all its horrors will be gone instantly – as though they had never existed. And of course they never did because , your loving Father, of whom you are all essential parts, is all that there is. Untold bliss awaits you, so focus on loving and allow it to happen.

With so very much love, Saul