Sekhmet – Exercise of Oneness

Tools Teleconference, 8/2/11


"Well, thank you so much! I shall refrain from any more introduction of myself. Just suffice it to say, that as you know I've been around a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng time. I shared a lot of teaching and information in , and I'm here doing the same thing, but, let's just say from a more contemporary perspective. I've lightened up a bit, and so, if you want to find a little humor in my presentation, that's absolutely perfect. Because, as you know, when you can laugh, this is a Law of the Universe, when you are in that high vibration of laughter, you really can't feel down in the dumpies, you know, because they just don't exist in the same level of dimensionality!

"So, here we are, and we are so joyful that we're all here together, and we are emphasizing, we are all here, yourselves, beautiful selves, and all those who may come after you to listen, or read this presentation. And then of course all of us who come through the ethers, as it were, and come to be right up close and personal with you in your , because we have your permission. And so the description that is so simple, and yet so Divine, so sacred, and so profound is: 'We Are One!'

"Now, we are here today to discuss, a, what might be called, an insulation method, a way of keeping yourself up high in Joy, when the World around you seems to be crumbling, and indeed sometimes just falling right out from under you. Now, has been teaching for quite some time, several years as you measure them, that this was going to happen as a result of the changes which the consciousness of the World called forth with that great Harmonic Convergence and subsequent readings of the consciousness of the Planet, which have been taken.

"And so you're all aware that we've got Ascension on the calendar now. It didn't used to be there you know, many years ago, or even, humm, twenty-five years ago, thirty years ago, and so on. There were those who had visions – the visionaries even before then. After all some of the great teachers that you honor as great teachers, the Buddha, and the one you call Yeshua, they had visions of a better way to live, or shall we say a more harmonious way, a more loving way, and a more joyful way!

"But the World has been put into many boxes, which are of the low vibrational, low levels of 3D, variety. And so, it is not easy not to have some knowing about these boxes. And sometimes it can seem as though the box is really reaching out to get you back down into it again. How do you feel when the lights flash, and the sirens sound, and you are pulled over, and handed what amounts to a demand for your dollars, or your body to be somewhere that you really don't desire to be? That can be a real low vibrational 3D moment can it not, Ones?

"How about when you're feeling pressured that you have some j-o-b job assignment, and you're supposed to get it done, and if you don't get it done, you're going to lose your job, and so on, and so on, and so on. And we are not making light of these things. We are simply saying, we understand. We have observational capabilities that are just total, and so we see all of these different scenarios going on, on Planet Earth, and of course there are others.

"There are wars still, bullets being fired, people being divested of their bodies, or parts of their bodies. There are people who are starving in the World, and all of these things are taking place, and yet here we are telling you, 'Well everybody's got to get up and out of the box, and don't get down in the dumpies, and we've got to stay on the high road, and just beam Love!'

"And we understand that there are times when there seems to be somewhat of a gap in between those states of being. And so what we're here to tell you is that this whole purpose of 'Yes I Can! 101' is to give you, Beloved Ones, tools, tools, tools, to say here's your gifts. You've got them already in your fields, and yes, you can certainly add to your empowerment with these Ascension , which we have asked these three women to make available, and to tell you about. And we are here to answer your questions, and we are here to give you empowerment.

"All right, let's say you do get pulled over. And let's say that the being who pulls you over when you're in your car, you know, says, 'Well, I have to give you a ticket!' Can you beam Love back at that being? Can you say, 'I understand, ho'oponopono, ho'oponopono, ho'oponopono,' and go on your way, and say, 'Well I'll find some here?' Ah hah! The is, 'I need to keep my foot lighter on the accelerator pedal, because next time I may not be blessed with a ticket where I pay money. I may end up paying a price that is much higher, and I might end up hurting other people.'

"Now, we understand, this is just an example that we're giving of looking at the highest and best wisdom that can come from such an event. And we are not going to tell you that when children are starving that it's ok to feel absolutely, absolutely, joyful about it, because that is not the Truth, and you know that. But it is to instead look at it from the higher perspective of Gratitude for bringing the situation to the Light, so that something can be done about it!!!

"It is to reach out with your own magnificent Lovebeams and beam these ones. It is to perhaps find a way to send a dollar or two to help, to feed those who are hungry. It is to make perhaps commitment that when you have some funds to work with, you will go over there with containers full of to get that situation turned around. You see those are answers that you can call forth. But initially when you are first viewing such an event, or a situation, we understand.

"We want to come with you now into an Exercise where we actually, what you might call bond with you, so that whenever something comes up – maybe you didn't turn off the news, or maybe you thought the news was going to be joyful, and it wasn't; or maybe your neighbor knocked on your door with some kind of a problem, or an issue, or whatever – We Are Family!

"The only difference between those of you who are listening with your human ears is that you are human. You are in human bodies at this moment, but you are also one with us, Light Beings, beautiful, beautiful, radiant beams of Light, together with us. Remember, We Are One. So what we want to do is get into that communion of Oneness, and we want you to pay particular attention to how it feels when we're all together, one heart, one mind, one Love!

"And we offer this to you as another tool, or gift, if you choose, to bless yourselves with, so that if you are feeling that you have some stress somewhere in your being, you can add our Oneness. You can call us forth instantly, and be together in one great communion of Love Light. And thus you can help yourself by inviting us, all of us Family, not just those of us in our Light Bodies, but all of us, our Ashtar Family to come into this Oneness, this high energy, this loving space together as one; and this, Beloved Ones, is a most empowering tool or gift for each and every one of you to access, and it will help to insulate you from the low vibrations that whatever it is you're looking at might be conveying to you!!!

"It is another way of empowering yourself, to lift up, and to share perspective that we have when we observe these events. It is a direct path for you to be the Compassionate Observer. And when you are the Compassionate Observer, light bulbs can go off within your being that can give you answers for everyone's highest and best good of what, if anything, you can do in that moment, beyond sending your Lovebeams. And remember you're sending the Lovebeams of all of us, and that is real powerful!

"Alrighty! Now I know I get excited, but I shall use my most relaxing way of speaking to you and invite you all, everyone to become One. Just breathe in the Love we are, Beloved Ones, it's that simple. Breathe in the Light. Breathe in the Love. Ah, expand with it, and more and more Love comes into you as you expand the totality of your energy fields.

"You can perhaps feel it in your physical. You can see it in your mind's eye. You can feel the buzzing or tingling, or warmth, or coolness, or however you feel the presence of all of us together. Hold out your hands, reach out and hug, and allow, allow, the Joy to fill you. Greet Sananda standing before you. Greet your Guidance Team. Accept a hug and a kiss from Beloved Kuan Yin. Feel the Truth, and feel the Violet Ray, lifting you up, and up, and up.

"And yes, let us gather on the bridge of the New Jerusalem. That is a grand place for our Ashtar Family! And remember the bridge has what you might call magical capabilities to expand, and expand, and expand, so that we're all here, all of us, every single one of us here on the bridge. Here is I, Ashtar, here is St. Germaine, here is Sananda welcoming. Here are the Arcturians – the representatives of the Arcturian Division of the Ashtar Command. Here are Beloved Ones – representatives from every Star and every Planet that you've come from. Indeed!

"And here, Beloved Ones, is a most honored guest and participant, yes, Mother Gaia Herself! Just feel the Joy, feel the Love, feel the hugs from all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, as well as from each other! Reach out and greet your Starseed Brothers and Sisters in their Light Bodies, and yes, in their human ones! And just feel the Joy of this Oneness That We Are! And allow it to be anchored within all of your being, within all of your bodies, your memory. Yes, and as your DNA lights up to greet it, allow that to be in permanence from this moment on. Ah hah! Allow yourselves to feel the Joy of our Oneness. Allow yourselves to feel the Divinity We Are!!!

"Tell your ego to take a nap, if your ego is wanting to protest at all. Hug your ego, Love your ego, 'Oh, I'm so glad we're all here together. We are lifting up into high vibrations. Now Beloved ego does that not feel wondrous indeed?' And yes, tell your physicality, tell your hormones, tell your messengers, tell your nerves, your muscles, your brain, your senses and all of your physicality. Say, 'How joyful it is to be One with this wondrous Family. This is Who I Really Am. This is me. This is us. We Are One!!!'

"Allow your Guides! Feel your dances of Joy within your being. Feel your connection with that which you call your Higher Self right here on the bridge with you. We are so glad to be together in this wondrous Oneness. It is such Joy – it is such Love! Now stop and savor this! You have raised your vibrations to come and be in this Grand Gathering. Anchor the feelings, the wisdom, the knowing, the togetherness, the Oneness, into your beings on all levels, Beloved Ones. All is Love. All is Joy. All is radiant for we are together in loving Oneness!

"Feel your Divinity. Feel your empowerment. And feel what it's like to recognize that we're together in this way. Let it just radiate throughout your energy fields. Keep this togetherness always, in your hearts, your minds, your wisdom centers, your open DNA, and in every part of you. We are always One. We always have been, and now you know it. You have it anchored! And this, Beloved Ones, enables you more and more to share your gifts with the entire World and beyond.

"This empowers you more and more upon your own Ascension Path, and this frees you more and more from dropping back into those low vibration 3D boxes. Just remember to call upon this Love, this togetherness, this vibration of One We Are, and move ahead – even more radiant, even more loving, even more joyfully, and yes, even more compassionately upon your Great Golden Path of Ascension!

"So just stay in this energy, as I, Sekhmet, and all of those of us who come from beyond the human bodies hug you in our embrace of Love. And we thank you for sharing, for bringing yourselves, to this togetherness, to this Oneness, to this Divine Gathering. And so it is, Beloved Family! And so it is! Namaste!"



Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, August 2, 2011. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.