By CM thru Johan
Aug 24, 2011 – 3:54:33 AM

I just asked CMAton if there is for a different focus or change for this evenings mediation. Here is what he said : '' It was not without reason that the and the White House had to be evacuated earlier, as I told you this morning that TODAY would be a significant day. Not so much what happened, but what THEY HAVE ATTRACTED UPON THEMSELVES, AND WHAT IS TO COME, will stand proof of my words. We do not, NEVER bring harm upon anybody, as we abide by Cosmic Rules, and free will cannot be tampered with but what you call the Golden Rule, nl : What you do onto others WILL be done onto you, is still working day and night, for dark and for light. What the White House and and friends in the Middle East are playing with, is catching up with them. When that much is directed or intended, that is always coming back home to roost … The elements are on sharp now as they too react against the folly of man and it fits to say that your eyes have not seen , nor your ears have heard what folly man is capable of thinking off and putting into place, it would scare the heck out of everybody with a little bit of common sense, but that is why things starting to happen now.

I can say that the us of a and allies have missed too many opportunities to come clean, to stop the attrocities, to stop planning new ones, and what they have inflicted upon so many nations around the world is now the bullet that comes back to haunt them, and they can run, but no hiding place deep enough can prevent their to come and find and affect them…. No weapons shall prosper … : not that difficult to understand, but when all means have been exhausted, then WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, NEEDS AND SHALL BE DONE. When Light recognises Light, that same Light will protect and Guide, but when Light is ignored, then that same Light will standby, and allow all circumstances to play as the players have insisted on playing, like children with fire, untill lessons are learned, as is the case with Everybody and Everything Ensouled.

We only protected to leave the last chance to change from dark to Light, from folly to reason and common sense, but when all options are exhausted, then also stops the protection. Like attracts like , so the Roaring Elements are only responding to the same signals that certain leaders and people in high places and positions on Earth have send out.

Remember the meditation report this scribe filed days ago where it was decribed seeing walls and waves of water on the west , south GOM and the east ? Well these were options on the table, options attracted by many evil plans and decisions made lately by your leaders who clearly do not have your best intrest at heart. Well, you felt the first quake, East , you see the first hurricane approaching, do you see where the wall of water can come from? Not to mention the old walls of the old volcano at the Azores that can fall into the ocean and send more walls and waves of water unto the eastcoast, as all is possible now. The California situation you know about and one heavy quake on the opposite side of the ring of fire can bring about just that what was described as what was seen. The GOM situation you also know about, so there you have just a few scenarios that can roll anytime now.

I urge you to include into your focus for tonight and tomorrow for sure, still California with neighboring and the offshore coast of , still the GOM as things are very dangerous there too and NOW ALSO THE ENTIRE of the us of a, NOT TO PREVENT ANYTHING, NOT TO CAUSE ANYTHING, JUST TO BE THE LIGHT AT THOSE PLACES SO THAT WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN CAN HAPPEN, ALWAYS RESPECTING THE DIVINE PURPOSE OF ALL INVOLVED, AND YOUR JOINED LIGHT CAN GIVE MORE POWER TO THE LIGHT TO DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO, what is more in the realm of safeguarding and helping where help is needed.

Do your regular routine of Connecting with the Celestial Realm, Let that Light come to you through the tree in the middle of your AH Group, and syphon the COMBINED LIGHT towards the core of , before branching off to those particular places. I know there are folks here reading who would love some focus on their areas too, and for very specific reasons, as we know off all to well, but TRUST IN THE DIVINE PROCESS AT WORK that what is about to break loose at the us of a will will take precedent and needs our combined attention.

Stay vigilant and continue to do your work you started. As this scribe brought forward : TRUST AND CO OPERATE WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF, that will show the way in even the darkest night so you have nothing to worry about. Connect as much as possible, since the period ahead will show very little signs of normalcy, HENCE pay attention where attention is needed and leave the rest to us who are nearby and on standby. Use your discernment, your LINK with your Higher Self when you hear announcements only to scare people even more, and follow your teachings at AH that will quickly tell if things are real or fake. Remember that United you stand, divided you fall, what I already mentioned before, is exactly the latter what the dark are experiencing now. They too are my children at school, and I love them equally, only their choosen ways and lessons are much harder, but needed even more… Salu. This is CMAton of Nebadon. ''

in Divine Love, Light, Service, Always and in All Ways,