August 25, 2011

Dearest children that live on the of my body, it pleases me to come forth to speak to all of you once again. I would like to continue a discussion I started a few months ago through this vessel, regarding the importance of animals in your lives.

Many of you have pets, or have had them. Through them, you have learned much about yourself and about your world. You learned to see through their eyes. They teach you how to unconditionally. The domestic dog and cat have been widely accepted aids to many people that are in critical care or specially equipped homes for patients that require onsite care. They are very generous with their and with their light. Yes they, like humans go through an infancy stage that can be quite frustrating for some, but they reward you with from a wagging tail or a purring tremble, maybe a happy kiss to a nudge along your leg to say hello. They are little that have come into your life for many reasons. Some of them do not stay very long, due to illness or injury. The length of time is not what matters here, what they were able to teach you while they were in your life is what matters.

I know there are more people that live on this fine that have non-traditional pets. They have learned what makes their pet happy. They have an understanding as all pet owners have. And really you are not owners just because you may have bought the animal. You are their companion and they are yours. When it was time for you to choose a new friend, regardless if it was furry, full of scales, prickly or lives in a tank, you chose each other. You chose what was right for you and that new friend you just agreed to take care of, chose you.

I know many of you live in rural areas that have wild animals not far away. They visit you occasionally and bless you with the sight of a new offspring. How beautiful is that sight! To see a fawn, or a baby rabbit with its litter of brothers and sisters. They did not have to go where you are and show you their children, but they do this to share and see there is more to your world now. Wild animals can build a basic with those that live among them. How many times have you been able to have a chipmunk sit on your hand and eat a seed, or a squirrel comfortable enough to eat beside you or take a peanut from you. This of may not happen with the carnivorous animals, they live by a very different code. But they do deserve respect and love even if its from a distance. Respect is given to all species. Just as you respect all beings that live atop my surface.

The lessons animals have are not just in the pets you have in your home, but the nature around you. Their presence in your life, helps confirm what you already know deep within yourself and that you are LIFE, you are a being of LIGHT, you are worthy of RESPECT, and you are GENTLE and KIND. The animals in your world knows no ego, they live by instinct and by love. They nurture, protect and care. Just like you do. When they love, they love unconditionally. They know no other way. They are reactive, they have emotions and feelings, just as you do.

I don't expect you to hug a deer the next time you see one in your midst, but acknowledge its presence as it knows you are there already. Make a special offering to the wild animals that make themselves known to you. Leave a mound of oats, or a bunch of carrots, leave a pile of seeds and nuts still in their shells, there are many ideas I am sure you can come up with. As you are all CREATIVE beings. In your own special way, show the animals in your life how much you appreciate them, take extra time in your busy lives to interact with the animals that live in your homes, through your actions let them see how much you love them.

Our time together today has come to an end, but always know I am forever a part of your life, and that I love you continuously.

Gaia through Julie Miller

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