Aug 27

Posted by Wes

Friends, in these increasingly volatile we are finding ourselves in it is more important than ever to stay centered in our own Light. The will attempt to pull us all down as the lower vibrations are meeting an end on our world. It has been said that it is always the before dawn, I believe we are now in the times before the arrival of our space family, before the arrival of our Golden Age. There are now many souls out there preaching hate, separatism and fear, and these are the exact teachings we should all from as the only purpose of those teachings is to pull us down and board us on the sinking ship that the and the lower vibrations are now finding themselves on. The magnificent thing is, once we detach from the chaos around us we can actually see very clearly the higher taking form on our world.

Staying centered coupled with exploring the newer energies reaching Earth and our bodies will see you re-discovering miracles. I personally have been to so many wonderful and Divine places thanks to these higher energies that are upgrading us all, but I find that I lose access to this Divinity if I let myself fall into the trap of the lower patterns of thought, the lower vibrations. Indeed there is much temptation to feed anger and frustration but doing so will only make you miserable!! The Illuminati know that their time is over, so now they are trying to take as many of us down with them as they can. Do not let them!!

Our Pleiadian friends have said many times that if we feel anger, hatred, frustration or negativity of any kind we are feeding the lower vibrations that employ those emotions. When we take ourselves away from those feelings, we find that there are many wonderful emotions and feelings that are waiting to be picked up on, and with those feelings also come our long lost Divinity. Trust me friends, I speak from experience. While it may seem otherwise, now is not the time to feel that chaos that is ensuing around us. Much the opposite, now is the time to break away from the chaos, and become the calm in the center of the storm. It is an easier task than you may think!!

Much Love, Wes 🙂