August 04, 2011

Greetings beautiful children it is I, the Creator, God to some or the Source others. As I begin to deliver this through this dear one today, feel the love I am bestowing upon each and everyone of you. My Divine and Unconditional Love is endless for you.

I see a lot going on down here on your world. I see many beautiful children waking to the Light I have shined down upon them, telling them its time to wake up, to regain who you are and your light. I am shining down on all of you to tell you how much I love you, and in your own way and culture are reaching to love me as well.

During this grand awakening, some of you dear children that are learning who they are, who their true selves are and removing old ideals and adopting new ones are getting lost in the shadows. These shadows are caused by second guessing, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, self-trust and many other areas where the ego resides. This is natural dear ones. As some of what you are doing and learning is new and frightening. When you are in fear of something you are about to discover, your vibrates with it, sensitive ones around you can feel this change in you. See the light that is already within you dear ones, and grab on to it. Trust with your that you will come out of this change and adopting new ways and ideas very well. You will soon look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Each of you will work through your shadows and into the full light of your own love and your own light and into mine also. You will do this at your own pace, no one elses. I am always with you dear ones, always. You only need to call out to me, speak to me, tell me your troubles. I can already hear what your heart is saying, but there are times you need to verbalize what you are feeling. Hearing your own say what it is you feel is helpful at times dear ones. If you get too far in those shadows, hearing your can help guide you back to where the light is.

I am aware that the life many of you have had, has been difficult. You have had many life lessons to learn. Some of you wonder, if I have given up on you. I have never given up on any of you. Just as any other Divine being, I cannot outright intervene in your choices. I can only gently encourage you what paths you can take. I have shone my light on you many times dear ones during moments of , loving you with my light, knowing you will rise above the latest lesson that lies in front of you. There is no rush on how quickly you learn your lesson. Some lessons depending on the individual take longer to comprehend. And I love you for that individuality. I love each of you even when you are having a moment of , because I know you are clever and resourceful, even if at times you do not see this yourself.

My discussion today through this child, is mainly to encourage you to stay on track, to move away from the shadows and move into the light, where the warm radiant love is waiting to embrace you. This young woman is giving off butterflies [chuckle]. She can feel the warmth of this love and she is not in any shadows. Allow yourself to feel dear ones, don't hide yourself from your natural perception of what is around you spiritual or physical. You have beautiful gifts and natural abilities that are meant to be used. Use those gifts with the purity of your love and learn how unique they are because you are so unique.

Each of you have your own spiritual being or deity that you pray to, talk to and work with. During these times when you find yourself struggling, reach out to them. Let them know how much you need their and support. They will cradle you in their arms and give you comfort so you can continue making wonderful progress into the Light. Even the ones that have been on this path a long time, requires support and from the ones they seek comfort from time-to-time. They are there not only to guide you dear ones, they are there to share the burdens you carry, to help you also to release those burdens so you don't feel so weighed down.

I feel complete joy for coming through this child to speak to all of you. It is time for me to depart, but not for long as I plan on returning for another delightful discussion. As i take my leave, I ask of you to go throughout your day living from your heart, showing compassion to all people even those that don't see the world as you do. Be kind to yourself also dearest children, and remember I and many others are always closer than you think waiting to support, comfort and guide you during any situation you are facing. Do not feel shame if you need guidance from us; we are here for you, we are here to help you.

Go into your day dear children with peace and love in your heart for yourself and for others.

the Creator through Julie Miller